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The Horn of Nimraug
Part I - Fire and Ice

Someone is watching

Copyright ©1999 Craig Pay
Edited for The Guild Companion by Joe Mandala, August 2000

Someone is watching

One of the Dark Lord’s more magically skilled minions is in the area investigating rumors about strange goings-on 'up North'. This individual is a renegade Elf (over 20th Lvl) who calls himself 'The Watcher' and is currently living amongst the ruins of Carn Dûm. The Watcher has recently dispatched a number of his spies throughout the area, including a Spy-Wraith called Dîndae to Rood.

When Dîndae spots the PCs he decides to possess one of the weaker PCs, probably a Man. On the host’s travels this Spirit will then occasionally re-possess either the host or someone else in the PCs’ group then make contact with local Dark inhabitants, who will then be able to report back to the Watcher some time later via the local Dark Lord’s grapevine. This grapevine can often breakdown, but has so far proven very efficient at picking up on occasional gossip that has gone unnoticed by other means.

These events are designed to build up the tension that surrounds this trip. Perceptive PCs may notice some of these strange happenings and start to deduce what is happening.

Spy Event One

The PCs just happen to arrive in Rood at the same time as Dîndae. It instantly decides that they may be worthy of some attention and picks one of the PCs as a host for a passive possession.

Spy Event Two

Whilst camping at night during the trip through the Hills of Evendim, Dîndae re-possesses a host PC and wanders off at night to report to a local Crebain. Other PCs asleep or awake can make Perception rolls to notice this strange behavior and perhaps follow. If they successfully sneak after the possessed PC they may see or just hear the PC talking in a very strange language (Black Speech) to something in the trees, then with a flurry of branches the thing in the trees disappears. Successful Perception rolls may notice a crow-like bird flying off into the distance.

Spy Event Three

This event occurs after the PCs' visit to Arvedui's boat. Again a PC will wander off at night, this time to contact a local White Warg that is prowling around a few hundred yards away from the PCs' campsite. Again other PCs can make Perception rolls to notice and attempt to follow.


A possible resolution would be for the Mulkan henkinimittäjä Unipyydystäyä to realize that one of the PCs is being possessed. As soon as she confronts this PC, Dîndae jumps out and starts attacking anyone nearby. After a couple of swipes it springs into the air and flies away.

If Dîndae is not destroyed earlier in the scenario then it reappears during the final fight at Nimraug's Cave. It skulks amongst the shadows on top of the Cave watching the fight and only intervenes if Kylmyyskala looks like she’s not going to get away with the palantíri.

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