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The Napoleon and the Legionnaire: Mercenary Starfighters

New Starships for Spacemaster: Privateers

By Elton Robb, 2000

Edited by Lowell R. Matthews for The Guild Companion

Mercenary starfighters are common ships on the commercial market. Starfighters are fighters built by the ISC to be FTL capable.

  1. The Napoleon: A Light Mercenary Starfighter
  2. Crew 1
    Cargo None
    Mass 500 MT
    Hits 400
    DB 45
    EW 25/5
    Cost 30 M
    Top Speed 13 G’s
    Translight Capability Level 1 Drive
    Armament 2 MK-6 Blasters, +50
    2 MK-5 Missile Launchers (10 missiles), +75

    Commentary: Built by Douglas–Gulph, this light starfighter was produced for the military but was passed into the commercial market when the ISC started hiring privateers. Napoleon-class ships are small and maneuverable in a dogfight, but are also durable. Because of their capabilities, mercenaries often prefer these ships.

  3. The Legionnaire: A Heavy Interceptive Starfighter
  4. Crew 1
    Cargo None
    Mass 750 MT
    Hits 800
    DB 75
    EW 50/10
    Cost 100 M
    Top Speed 13 G’s
    Translight Capability Level 1 Drive
    Armament 2 MK 10 Pulse Lasers, +90
    2 MK 10 Missile Launcher (10 missiles), +80

    Commentary: The Legionnaire is another private starfighter class built for the mercenary market, this one by General Galactic Designs, Inc. Based on the S-17 Thunderstroke, the Legionnaire is designed for deadly grace. Its Fullerine Double Hull would have made this fighter very popular among mercenaries were it not for the cost of the total package. It comes equipped with two extra hard-points for owner customization.

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