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The Horn of Nimraug
Part I - Fire and Ice

Suggested experience points

Copyright ©1999 Craig Pay
Edited for The Guild Companion by Joe Mandala, August 2000

Experience Points

These are the experience points to award based on ‘My Experience Point Rules’. Basically these rules are:

  • No experience points for Skill Rolls (unless it’s blindingly brilliant or applicable skill roll), Casting Spells, taking Hit Point or Criticals.
  • Travel Points as normal.
  • Defeat points instead of Kill Points. These are awarded whenever any opponent is defeated, which could include completely evading and avoiding an opponent.
  • Miscellaneous Points awarded for achieving various objectives throughout the scenario.
  • Idea Points are awarded at +100%, rather than the usual +50%.
  • All points above, except Idea Points, are earned per group rather than per individual to encourage more team play.
The idea is to avoid Experience Point tracking within the game itself and get on with the role-playing. Better to let the GM do it all out of play (better yet to already have it written into the scenario).

Travel Points (per PC)

Journey to the Northern Waste (110 miles Civilized, 250 miles Normal, 120 miles moderately dangerous) = 110 x ½ + 250 + 120 x 2 = 545.
Traveling around the Northern Waste (7 days, 525 miles) = 525 x 2 = 1050.

Defeat Points (divided between PCs)

Nimraug (30th Level, 1550 x 4 never done before) = 6200
The 15 Verinen Metsästäjät (3rd Level) = 15 x 200 = 3000
Rautakäsi (6th Level) = 350
Riimulaulaja (7th Level) = 400
Dîndae (10th Level) = 550 x 4 (never done before) = 2200

Miscellaneous (per PC)

Returning the Horn of Nimraug to the Mulkan villagers = 250
Returning at least one of the Palantíri to the Mulkan villagers = 500

Miscellaneous (divided between PCs)

50% casualties are expected so...
Koiramies survives (8th Level, 450 / 2) = 225
Unipyydystäyä survives (6th Level, 350 / 2) = 175
Each surviving Mulkan hunter (2nd Level, 150 / 2) = 75 (remember to multiply this by the number of Mulkan hunters that survive)

Idea Points


Editor's Note

These points are suggestions only, and are not meant to constrain the GM in any way.

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