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The Horn of Nimraug
Part I - Fire and Ice

The journey north

Copyright ©1999 Craig Pay
Edited for The Guild Companion by Joe Mandala, August 2000

The Journey North

The PCs travel North through Arthedain, then on to the shores of the Bay of Forochel.

Roll random encounters throughout this journey (p. 219 Arnor: the Land sourcebook) and use Strategic Movement rules (p. 66 MERP rulebook).

From Bree to Rood

110 miles Road terrain, roll Northern Arthedain encounters.

Alaric leads the PCs North from Bree along the Greenway, then off Northwest along a lesser roadway to the village of Rood.

In Rood Alaric books rooms for everyone at a dreary looking Inn called the Midge and Maggot. That evening he is befriended by Ynarri (a rather disreputable looking Dunlending) who says he knows a good short cut through the Hills of Evendim (Emyn Uial) that will shorten their journey by a day or two as well as help them avoid the orc-infested lands around ancient Angmar.

From Rood to the Ruins of Annúminas

50 miles Road terrain, roll Arthedain Frontier encounters.

Ynarri leads the PCs West from Rood to the shores of Lake Evendim (the Nenuial), then South across a ford to the Ruins of Annúminas, which they may choose to investigate.

If the PCs camp near the Ruins of Annúminas then that night they hear moans and cries for help coming from the ruins. Should they decide to investigate during the hours of darkness, they will by attacked by a Minor Wight. If the PCs have trouble with this Wight then Linyuilë, the spirit of the Nenuial, comes to their rescue (p.159 Arnor: the People and p.71-73 Arnor: the Land sourcebook).

From the Ruins of Annúminas across the Hills of Evendim (Emyn Uial) then on to the village of Mulkan

40 miles Open terrain around the Southern tip of Lake Evendim (the Nenuial), roll Arthedain Frontier encounters.

Then 160 miles Rough terrain across the Hills of Evendim (Emyn Uial) - roll Arthedain Frontier encounters.

Finally another 120 miles Open terrain to the village of Mulkan, roll Forochel encounters.

Ynarri leads the PCs South for a short distance around the southern tip of Lake Evendim (the Nenuial), then onwards North-Northwest for a long slog across the Hills of Evendim. Every few hours Ynarri leads the party away from the track they are following to slog cross-country for a while, only then to rejoin another track (or is it the same one?) some time later. Some of the PCs may start to have their doubts about his ability as a guide. To make things worse, as they start to descend from the hills a light slow begins to fall.

Upon leaving the Hills of Evendim, Ynarri now leads the party to rejoin a track leading to the Northwest. From here they have a long cold walk north as heavy snow now starts to fall and the track fades from sight. After 60 miles or so after leaving the Hills, the track is no longer visible and a thick blanket of snow covers the ground. The PCs may also now start to wonder why this trip couldn’t have been organized earlier in the year.

As the temperature starts to drop and the snow falls heavier the PCs may start to suffer from the effects of the cold (see p.149 Northern Wastes sourcebook).

The PCs finally arrive at the Lossoth village of Mulkan to a suspicious welcome.

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