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Arcane Alchemist

Copyright Rich Kirkland ©2000

Arcane Alchemists

Arcane Alchemists are Pure spell users of Arcane magic who concentrate on changing the basic nature of reality. For this reason they are sometimes called Reality Masters or Reality Alchemists. Arcane Alchemists do not limit themselves to creating items from basic material. Instead they focus on creating new basic material from which to make items or to change the properties of an existing creation. Their base spells deal with manipulating the properties of matter, life, and energy. Each Arcane Alchemist may only develop 6 of the many base lists that will be detailed in this and following articles.

The three base lists included in this issue are Solid Reality, Liquid Reality, and Vapor Reality. These lists have been used extensively in the creation of magical structures. These lists allow for the creation of castles of ice, flying fortresses, and underwater cities. They may take time, but these lists can change the fabric of the universe. The next set of base lists to be introduced will explain the creation of many composite and magical creatures as they can manipulate life. After that comes a set of base lists that manipulate energy and are used to manipulate solar, mechanical, and magical forms of energy.

Ah. A little more density here. Drop the melting point. Adjust the color, the taste. Excellent. For the next few hours, these bars of lead will be indistinguishable from gold. A few hours should be plenty of time for Antilles to rig the airship and spirit us away from these brutes. It really is sad that I have been reduced to petty deceptions such as this, but these are but the first steps on my return to greatness. One day soon, the kingdoms will rejoice at the name of Anton the Shaper!

Prime Stats: Empathy, Intuition, Presence, and Self Discipline

Profession Bonuses

Power Awareness+10
Power Manipulation+5
Power Point Devp.+5
Science/Analytic Group+10
Spells Group+5

Skills and Skill Categories

Armor*Medium10Power Awareness1/3
Artistic*Active2/5Power Manipulation3/9
Artistic*Passive2/5Power Point Devp.4
Athletic*Gymnastics3Self Control5
Awareness*Perception4;Special Attacks20
Awareness*Searching2Special Defenses40
Body Development16Subterfuge*Mechanics4
Combat Maneuvers18Subterfuge*Stealth5
Directed Spells3/7Technical*Vocational5/12
Lore*General1/3Weapon*Category 19
Lore*Magical1/4Weapon*Category 220
Lore*Obscure3/6Weapon*Category 320
Lore*Technical1/4Weapon*Category 420
Martial Arts*Strikes9Weapon*Category 520
Martial Arts*Sweeps9Weapon*Category 620
Weapon*Category 720

Everyman Skills: Alchemy, and Spell Mastery

Occupational Skills: 2 Crafting skills of playerís choice

Restricted Skills: None

Spell Development

Base List (all)3/3/3Closed List (1-5)4/4/4
Open List (1-10)4/4/4Closed List (6-10)4/4/4
Open List (11-15)4/4/4Closed List (11-15)4/4/4
Open List (16-20)4/4/4Closed List (16-20)4/4/4
Open List (21+)6/6/6Closed List (21+)8/8

Note to GMs: The three base lists included in this issue have the potential for abuse by your chemistry-savvy players. This danger can be entirely limited by requiring research. While a chemistry student may know how to use the spells in a game-unbalancing way, he only knows that because of basic information he read in a book or was taught by a chemistry professor. Most of this basic research has likely never been done because an Arcane Alchemist would likely approach such matters differently. So if a player shows you scientific proof of how he can do something, tell him itís a theory that will require a research roll to develop.

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