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An Archaeological Expedition, Or Hobbits in the Barrow Downs

Copyright Patrick Kubrat © 2000

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

This constructed deck was designed in fifteen minutes by the author at the recent "Het Spellenspektakel" gaming convention held in the Netherlands at Eindhoven from 3rd to 5th November 2000.

Preferred starting characters (same against heroes and minions):
Frodo with Dagger of Westernesse
Sam with Dagger of Westernesse
Fatty Bolger
Robin Smalburrow
Folco Boffin
Gildor Inglorion (in case the character draft went wrong)
Glorfindel II (in case it went very wrong and your cancelers will be useless)

If you like, put a Hobbit or two in your deck, but this is normally useless.

Characters in deck

Radagast 3x against Minions/ 2x Pallando against Heroes

We need Radagast for the factions. Pallando is not the best substitute, because he is not a scout - Gandalf or Alatar would be a much better choice.


Barrow-blade 2x
Great-shield of Rohan
Hauberk of Bright Mail 2x (Glamdring and Durin's Axe against minions)
Torque of Hues
Tom Bombadil
Noble Hound

Not that many marshalling points - only 23 including starting characters and sideboard. Don't bother to try this deck in a two deck tournament.


Concealment 3x
Hiding 2x
Stealth 3x
Halfling Stealth 3x
Halfling Strength 3x (dont't forget Halfing Strength + Fatty Bolger = Halfling Stealth)
Farmer Maggot (you might replace him with a 3rd Hiding)
Longbottom Leaf
Smoke Rings 2x (don't waste the recyclers - they are your only "factions")
Thorough Search 3x
Here, There, or Yonder

The idea is to go with four Hobbits to the Barrow-Downs (except if you have Tom in your start hand), play items with Thorough Search, play Barrow-blades, Tom Bombadil with HToY and possibly Beasts of the Wood. If you are in desperate need of cards or bored, you might consider moving this company to Ruined Signal Tower or Himring (watch out for Tom!) If you have Radagast in your starting hand create a company with Folco, but don't move him without enough cancelers. If Folco is alone, consider moving him to the Old Forest. You may be lucky and draw Tom and Halfling Strength. Folco and/or Radagast are the main faction gatherers. Radagast can play the Beast of the Wood in the Old Forest and both the Hobbits in Bag End. They might play Tom and a Noble Hound or a major item if you are at the right site but you can play almost everything in the Barrow-downs with your grave-diggers. Watch out for Scorba at Home. Even Hobbits are not immune to corruption!

Hazards vs heroes

An Unexpected Outpost 2x
Assassin 3x
Beorning Skin-changers 2x
Cave Worm
Cave-drake 2x
Daelomin at Home
Foolish Words 2x
Heart Grown Cold 2x
Heedless Revelry 2x
Lobelia Sackville-Baggins
Mouth of Sauron
My Precious
River 3x
Searching Eye 2x
Stirring Bones 2x
Uvatha the Horseman

Nothing fancy as the deck was not specially designed. You might consider Tookish Blood and News of Doom and a 3rd Foolish Words (remember, you have a problem with factions). If your opponent goes to a shadow/ dark hold, you have a big problem, though the anti minion part of your sideboard might help a little bit. Lobelia is mostly a defense against Pilfer Anything Unwatched. I am normally not a friend of Unexpected Outposts but it is necessary without a special Anti Fallen Wizard deck.

Hazards against minions

An Unexpected Outpost 2x
Bairanax Ahunt
Chill Douser 2x
Foolish Words 2x
Heedless Revelry 3x
Itangast Ahunt
Mouth of Sauron
My Precious
Pukel-men 3x
Reluctant Final Parting (this is a cycler against Balrog and good against those cheap Cave Trolls)
River 3x
Unabated in Malice 2x
Uvatha the Horseman
Waiting Shadow 2x
Wisp of Pale Sheen 3x

This is basically a "detainment" deck. In one deck games it is normally enough to slow down your opponent. If you play against (Wolf-)Balrog, cycle either Arthedain Rangers/ Horse Lords or Nameless Thing in your deck. Gather the critters in your hand and hit the opponent hard.


Beasts of the Wood 3x
Lordly Presence
Arthadan Rangers 3x
Bane of the Ithil-stone 2x
Drowning Seas
Horse-lords 3x
Lost in Free-domains
Nameless Thing 3x
Neither so Ancient Nor so Potent
News of Doom
Pilfer Anything Unwatched 3x
Rolled down to the Sea
Searching Eye
Seized by Terror
The Way is Shut 3x
Your Welcome Is Doubtful

I was too lazy to create two sideboards so I compiled this one. But it often turns out that "anti minion" cards are devasting against heroes. For example if your opponent goes in the Under-deeps...

If you wonder how I was able to win with this deck send me an email to patrick@kubrat.de

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