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Feburary 2000


The Guild Companion: Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
New Year's Resolutions for The Guild Companion and projections for the reviews schedule.


The Guild Companion: Familiar Territory (Part 1) - Suzanne Campbell
A new tale from the world of Laernon, part one in a series of three, wherein a newly-formed adventuring group tests its mettle against unspeakable horror in a necromancer's lair.

The Guild Companion: Quenta Roqueni: Chapters 6 to 10 - Vincent Roiron and Lowell R. Mattews
In this continuing tale of Middle Earth, we return to find the friends uncovering evidence pointing to the thief's identity as one of the reviled Dunlendings.


The Guild Companion: Take Your Chances - Gary Renaud and Lowell R. Matthews
A gentle guide to the statistics and probabilities of dice rolling.

Press Release

The Guild Companion: Fantasy Flight Games Acquires License to Blue Planet

The Guild Companion: Pelgrane Announces Writers For Dying Earth Game


The Guild Companion: Review: 10 Million Ways to Die - The Ultimate Combat Sourcebook - C.L. Yona.
The ultimate combat sourcebook for any genre.

The Guild Companion: Review: GURPS Alternate Earths 2 - Jamie 'Trotsky' Revell
Six parallel universes similar to our own world where history has happened differently.

The Guild Companion: Review: Rolemaster Character Law - Brent Knorr
Expand RMFRP with new professions, training packages, races, skills, talents and flaws.

The Guild Companion: Review: The Pirate Nations - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Are you bold enough to sail with the buccaneers of 7th Sea?


The Guild Companion: TELEPORTS (Arcane List) - James W. Canavan, Jr.
A new Arcane spell list (with Closed Mentalism and Essence variants) for Rolemaster 2nd Edition


The Guild Companion: Essence Affinity - Rafael N Etges
Does your mage seek to master the Essence? Or is your mage a mere dabbler in the arts? Use this ranking system to measure your character's relationship to the Essence.

The Guild Companion: The Arachnin People - Glen E Terry
Introducing the Arachnin, a new race for your Rolemaster campaigns.


The Guild Companion: Galactic Soldier of Fortune - Glen E Terry
Interview with A Space Mercenary. Tantalising glimpses into a Blue Planet/Spacemaster/Silent Death crossover game

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