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Fantasy Flight Games Acquires License to Blue Planet


12th January 2000

Are you ready to return to Blue Planet?

Biohazard Games is pleased to announce that Fantasy Flight Games has acquired the exclusive rights to its Blue Planet game universe. Biohazard and Fantasy Flight have already begun developing a second edition of the Blue Planet RPG, scheduled for an Origins 2000 debut this July. Greg Benage, vice president of Biohazard Games and co-author of the Blue Planet RPG, is accompanying the property to Fantasy Flight, where he will join the Fantasy Flight team and specifically serve as the Blue Planet 2nd Edition line editor. Jeff Barber, president of Biohazard Games and the creator of Blue Planet, will remain at Biohazard where he will continue to develop and write for the product line.

First released in 1997 and nominated for the Best New RPG Origins Award, Blue Planet received widespread critical acclaim as one of the most original science fiction roleplaying settings ever created. The second edition will be published in two volumes and will include all the material presented in Blue Planet and its first supplement, Archipelago. The second edition will also feature entirely redesigned mechanics, as well as a significant volume of new setting material, developed specifically for this release. The second edition game will be aggressively supported with the regular release of new supplements. Fluid Mechanics, the Blue Planet technical manual and sourcebook, will be the first in this line of supplements, and is scheduled for release in August, 2000.

Jeff Barber commented, "This partnership is a great opportunity and we are excited by its potential. The deal will allow us to develop and support Blue Planet far more aggressively than we have been able to on our own. It also means we are in the enviable position of getting to work with those cool cats at FFG."

Added CEO and founder of Fantasy Flight Games, Christian T. Petersen, "To have the Blue Planet property under our wings is not only an honor, but a significant added value. The storyline, detail, and sheer epic scale of the Blue Planet universe makes it one of the great RPG creations in the last decade. FFG hopes to bring energy, support, and new visibility to this product. Also, FFG is very excited to bring Greg Benage onboard, he will be a strong addition to our small but energetic staff.

Biohazard Games, LLC, a small company based in Columbia, MO, was founded in 1993 by Jeff Barber. The company has produced Killer Crosshairs, a universal RPG combat system, and Blue Planet, the critically acclaimed science fiction roleplaying game.

Fantasy Flight, Inc., a corporation with offices in Roseville, MN, is a leading U.S hobby market producer of board and non-collectible card games. FFG produces the best selling and critically acclaimed Twilight Imperium, Battlemist, and Thunder s Edge board games, as well as a number of other best selling products such as the card game Mag-Blast, and the recently published, monster hit that has taken the hobby market by storm: Diskwars.

For further information visit www.biohazardgames.com

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