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Pelgrane Announces Writers For Dying Earth Game


18th January 2000

LONDON, ENGLAND: Pelgrane Press Ltd has decided upon three authors for its forthcoming game based on Jack Vance's Dying Earth tales.

The senior designer is Robin D. Laws, a well-respected game designer. Said Simon Rogers, Managing Director of Pelgrane Press "Robin wasn't a difficult choice; we were very lucky to get him. His inventiveness, commercial success and reliability give us confidence that the core rules will be well written, well tested and fun." Robin's RPG work includes Feng Shui and the forthcoming Hero Wars.

Robin commented "As far as I'm concerned, Jack Vance is the single towering figure in the entire genre of fantasy literature, bar none. I look forward with excitement to the grand challenge of capturing his unique vision in the roleplaying game format."

Magic is central to the Dying Earth, so Pelgrane chose John Snead to write this important section. As well as working on Trinity, Aberrant, and Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG, he has already written six RPG magic systems. When asked to be part of the project John said "As a long-time fan of Jack Vance, I'm deeply excited about having a chance to translate his quirky and unique magic system into a RPG format. For me, this project is definitely a labor of love."

Peter Freeman, who is an established genre author, will be providing additional background material. His education includes a degree in Ecological Genetics - providing an interesting perspective on the creatures of the Dying Earth. Peter said "To me there is no better fantasy author than Jack Vance. His style is original, distinct and never cloys. I have often been unable to finish fantasy work by other authors, yet I have lost count of how many times I have read the four books of the Dying Earth series. My enjoyment of his work was an important factor in my determination to become a writer, and I am delighted to be able to work on this project."

Sasha Bilton, co-owner of Pelgrane Press added "We chose three writer to give different interpretations of Jack Vance's unique imagery. All the writers share a deep respect for the source material and I am sure they will do it justice."


JACK VANCE is the world's greatest living Fantasy author. Jack Vance wrote the DYING EARTH series of books over many years; the original volume "The Dying Earth" was released before Lord of the Rings. Other volumes include "Eyes of the Overworld", "Cugel's Saga" and "Rhialto the Marvellous." He is said to be "tolerant" of the idea of a roleplaying game based on his work.

ROBIN D.LAWS - Works attributed to the ingenious Mr. Laws include the Feng Shui roleplaying game, the novel Pierced Heart, and participation on the design team of the King of Dragon Pass computer game. Over the years he has produced work for Wizards of the Coast, Last Unicorn, Pinnacle, FASA, and Steve Jackson Games. His current projects include the new Glorantha roleplaying game Hero Wars (Issaries Inc.), the novel The Rough and the Smooth (Atlas) and Pantheon and Other Roleplaying Games (Hogshead Publishing.)

JOHN SNEAD -John Snead turned his hand to the most impractical career imaginable and thus became a full-time freelance writer of role-playing games. John is amazed to discover that he has written a total of six other varieties of magic, for Nephilim, Ars Magica, and Conspiracy X, as well as doing much work on Trinity, Aberrant, and the Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG.

PETER FREEMAN - In November Peter celebrated his one-millionth published word and considers Vance and in particular the Dying Earth series as among his most important influences. Anyone reading a bibliography of his work might expect a character at whom even Cugel might raise an eyebrow. The truth is very different, a quite family man more at home playing tea-sets with his daughter than skulking through some dungeon in search of new and yet more bizarre knowledge - well, most of the time anyway.

PELGRANE PRESS is jointly owned by ProFantasy Software Ltd, which produces the renowned Campaign Cartographer map-making software, Simon Rogers, co-founder of ProFantasy Software and Sasha Bilton, a long-time Vance fan, roleplayer and top Java programmer.

Pelgrane Press Ltd
18-20 Bromell's Road

For further information contact simon@dyingearth.com

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