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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
The Editor takes advantage of millennial fever to make a few predictions of his own.


Quenta Roqueni - Chapters 3,4 and 5 - Vincent Roiron, and Lowell R. Matthews
Return to a tale of Middle Earth wherein Berek is mightily disturbed by the theft of his amulet, and enlists the aid of his friends to begin investigation into the matter.

The Journal of Talae Coldfoot (Part 4) - Laurie Mahaffy
While on the trail of the bandits, Talae and her companions find unexpected combat, at the price of the Werewolf's ego. A tale of the World of Laernon.

Press Release

A Call for Run Out the Guns! GMs at Origins 2000 - Steve Hess
Steve needs GM's for Run Out the Guns at Origins 2000.

Press Release: Decipher and FASA Deal Falls Through

Press Release: Wizards of the Coast Acquires Star Wars RPG License

West End Games Publishes New DC Universe RPG


Blood of Heroes - Brent Knorr
An in-depth look at this game of superheroes and supervillains

Call of Cthulhu - Nicholas HM Caldwell
The masterwork of horror role-playing in the worlds of HP Lovecraft enters Edition 5.5

Other Hands Issue 26: Dark Undead - Joe Mandala
A special issue on Undead in Middle-earth from the premier paper-based Tolkien magazine.

Strength Rules for RMSS/RMFRP - Walter L. Campbell
The low down on using one's strength to lift and move weights in Rolemaster.


The Merchant's Wares - C. L. Yona
More very unusual and magical items to spice up your campaigns.


Dark Sun(TM)-Rolemaster Conversions - Martin Schultz
A quick and easy guide to converting the Dark Sun setting into Rolemaster terms.

Level-less Rolemaster - Jeremy Friesen
Getting levels out of Rolemaster completely.

Phasing in a new order! - Tim Dugger
An alternative initiative system for Rolemaster.

Rolemaster Character Creation Guide - Peter Brodt
The Way of the Munckin - optimising RMSS characters for every eventuality.

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