Dark SunTM-Rolemaster Conversions

Martin Schultz

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Edited by Lowell R. Matthews for The Guild Companion

Detailed herein are suggestions for adapting the unique races and professions presented in the Dark SunTM game supplements published by TSR (now a division of Hasbro) into the RolemasterTM game system (by Iron Crown Enterprises).

  1. Races of the Dark SunTM
    1. Statistics
      In order to properly capture the flavor and balance of the Dark SunTM when creating RolemasterTM stats for player characters, two options are suggested:
      1. Assign 620 + 10d10 points to the temporary stats.
      2. Assign a flat 680 points to the temporary stats.
      Either of these options should work for any RolemasterTM version, whether Second Edition (RM2), Standard SystemTM (RMSS), or Fantasy Role-PlayingTM (RMFRP). Another important rule change to facilitate conversion to RMSS/RMFRP is that the normal increase in point cost for stats above 90 should be removed.
    2. RMSS/RMFRP Racial Bonuses

      Arakocra-2+2 000 -2+20 000
      Half-Giants+60 0-2-4 +80-4 0-2+2
      Mul+40 0-2-2 +60-2 004
      Pterrans0-1 00+2 +20-1 00+2
      Thri-kreen0+4 00-2 0+4-4 +2+2+6

    3. RM2 Racial Bonuses

      Arakocra-5+5 000 -5+50 000
      Half-Giants+150 0-5-10 +200-10 0-5+5
      Mul+100 0-5-5 +150-5 0010
      Pterrans0-1 00+5 +50-1 00+5
      Thri-kreen0+10 00-5 0+10-10 +5+5+15

    4. RMSS/RMFRP Body/Power Point Development Ranks

      RaceBDChan. PPEss. PPMent. PP

    5. Notes
      • Thri-kreen have natural body armor, AT 11.
      • For the new professions, use Training Packages
  2. Magic of the Dark SunTM
    For this section, use of the 1998 Essence CompanionTM for RMSS is strongly recommended. (Unfortunately, this particular version of the EC is no longer supported by ICE, and its concepts may change significantly in future versions.)
    1. Defilers
      The Defilers activate tremendous magical energies without concern for the havoc such actions play on the land. With the casting of each spell, a Defiler destroys a part of the world's ecosystem, rendering the land dead and sterile. This vicious and brutal method of wielding magic requires little study, so Defilers advance relatively quickly. To reflect this, all Power Points that Defilers purchase are multiplied by 1.5. GM's may also wish to increase the amount of experience that Defilers earn using their magics.
      Because Defilers destroy life, they incur a Presence penalty, which is to be applied whenever Defilers interact with other characters.
      Defiler Presence penalty
    2. Preservers
      Preservers learn to tap-rather than destroy-magical energies to minimize or even cancel the destruction of life. They use magic in concert with the environment, doing so by balancing their quests for power with in-depth study. Therefore, level advancement for Preservers proceeds relatively slowly. In game terms, Preservers are normal spell-users.
    3. Note on EC Schools of Magic
      To maintain the flavor of Dark SunTM, it is very important to note that spell-users on Athas may not use the Schools of Magic options from the 1997 Essence Companion.

Editor's Note:

Dark Sun and Dungeons & Dragons materials used with permission of Wizards of the Coast. Post your comments on this article on the Other Worlds Discussion Board.