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7th December 1999

Decipher Inc. and FASA Corporation jointly announced today that they have ended their negotiations for Decipher's planned acquisition of FASA. The parties acknowledged that there were several significant business issues upon which they were unable to reach agreement.

Warren Holland, Decipher's Chairman & CEO stated, "We value the positive relationship we developed with FASA and Ral Partha, but Decipher is now pursuing a myriad of other opportunities as the company continues its meteoric growth."

Morton Weisman, FASA's Chairman & CEO stated, "While I greatly admire Decipher, the decision to end our discussions was mutual and with respect. I'm sure that FASA and Decipher will remain friends, and I hope that we will have the opportunity to work with their very talented staff in the future. FASA will continue to develop its game lines and miniature products and we plan to expand our marketing and distribution programs."

Founded in 1983, Decipher Inc. is a worldwide leader in the collectible card game industry. Decipher is dedicated to The Art of Great Games reg;. The company's product lines include Star Wars Customizable Card Game[TM], the Star Trek Customizable card game[TM], Young Jedi Collectible Card Game[TM] and more. In addition, Decipher's Specialty Products Group produces leading games such as How To Host A Murder reg;, How To Host A Teen Mystery[TM], Girl Power[TM], Pente[TM], Scratchees[TM], Rumors[TM] and more. Visit www.decipher.com for additional contests and interactive features.

Founded by Jordan Weisman and L. Ross Babcock III, FASA Corporation is a leading developer and manufacturer of RPG products, miniatures and miniatures games. FASA Corporation has been creating successful new game worlds since 1980. The current line includes BattleTech reg;, Shadowrun reg;, VOR: The Maelstrom[TM] and Crimson Skies[TM]. Additional product information can be found at www.fasa.com.

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