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Run out the Guns at Origins 2000

Steve Hess here, once again soliciting for GMs for RUN OUT THE GUNS at Origins 2000 in Columbus, Ohio, July 13th-16th!

Last year's event, organized at the very last minute and lacking even the slightest mention in the onsite program, attracted more than sixty players. This coming July, with full write-ups in both the prereg and the onsite books, we'd like to run 4 to 6 tables with 6 to 8 players at each table in each of our time slots...and we'll get the players if we have the GMs to lead 'em!

We are planning on running 2 slots per day, at 10 AM and 7 PM (or the nearest WotC-approved times) Thursday through Saturday with a 10 AM final on Sunday to end at 3 PM at the latest. This way, we all have our afternoons free for other games and browsing in the exhibit hall. We're open to constructive suggestions on this and all other topics, of course.

Just like last year, I will serve as master GM, running my own table and keeping the metaplot moving. This year's metaplot will center on the rich sugar-producing island of St. Lucia, which changed hands 14 times between the French and the English between 1660 and 1814. In the mid-1660's, the French lost control to the English but both nations struggled with a large and very determined native Caribe population. How much loot is there to be siezed in the midst of an invasion? Only your players will know for sure!

Of course, like last year, GMs will be provided with background data, a full portfolio of photocopies, and tons of research. All a GM will have to do is show up, distribute characters and backgrounds, and go to sea! And naturally, we'll be incorporating all the new information from ALL HANDS ON DECK into our GM packs. I promise to arm and armor you against the storm: All you need do is weather it.

If you're interested, please reply to crownsguard@hotmail.com as soon as you can. We must commit ourselves to a number of tables and players to be served by the January submission deadline for the prereg book!

Thanks for your time and your continuing efforts!

Steve Hess
ROtG-Origins 2k

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