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Press Release: November 29, 1999

New DC Universe Roleplaying Game Hits Stores in Early December

New York, NY-West End Games is proud to announce the release of the highly anticipated DC Universe Roleplaying Game. The game ships from distributors on December 8, 1999, for an in-store date of the second week of December in most locations. The DC Universe Roleplaying Game, nicknamed the DCU RPG, gives comic book fans the chance to create new heroes and play their favorite characters in the DC Comics universe.

"The release of the DCU RPG has been a long time coming, but we think that once fans see it, they'll agree the time was well spent," said Scott Palter, Editorial Director of West End Games. "These first products are the foundation of an on-going series that we hope will run for many years to come, so we took the extra time to make sure every component of the game is just right-that the final product lives up to the DC Comics standard of excellence."

"We also know how important it is for retailers to have key launches like this in time for the holidays," Palter continued. "The DCU RPG will be on the shelves for the height of the important end-of-the-year shopping season."

The initial game products consist of:

  • 256-page rulebook with new and classic art by some of DC's top talents,
  • Narrator's Screen that includes a three-panel screen and an 80-page companion book,
  • set of six custom Hero Dice, and
  • a box set that contains the previous three products plus an exclusive 22" x 34" poster of Joe DeVito's incredible cover painting.
This is the launch of an on-going line of roleplaying books based on the characters, stories, and settings of the best-selling comic books. DC Comics is working closely with West End Games to ensure that all products accurately reflect the current DC continuity.

The DC Universe Roleplaying Game products can be found at most hobby, comic, and book stores. Fans who need help finding a place can call the Comic Shop Locator at 1-888-COMIC-BOOK.

DC Comics, a division of Warner Bros., a Time Warner Entertainment company, has a 60-year history of innovative publishing and utilizing its characters to support the marketing of products. From its early alliance with Kelloggs' on the classic Superman radio programs, which debuted in 1940, to the first online service launched by a major comics publisher, DC Comics heroes have consistently captured the public's imaginations in a variety of media.

In its 25-year history, West End Games has published more than 400 roleplaying games and game-related products, including material based on the legendary Star Wars movie series, the hit film Men in Black, and the internationally popular Hercules and Xena TV series. They also created the award-winning D6 System.

DC Universe Roleplaying Game product information:

  • DC Universe Roleplaying Game rulebook: $28.95, stock number 52000, ISBN 0-87431-625-1
  • Hero Dice: $5.95, stock number 52001, ISBN 0-87431-627-8
  • Narrator's Screen with companion book: $12.00, stock number 52002, ISBN 0-87431-626-X
  • DC Universe Roleplaying Game deluxe box set: $35.00, stock number 52003, ISBN 0-87431-628-6

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The D6 SYSTEM is a trademark of West End Games, Ltd.

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