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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Introducing our themed issue on the UK adventure games industry.


A Tale of the Fragment Worlds - Marc Gilbert
How the Fragment Worlds were born

Familiar Territory (Part 3) - Suzanne Campbell
In this conclusion to the trilogy set in the world of Laernon, the companions make a startling discovery as to the nature of their quest.

Niteling's Time - Darryn Glass
A poem of the night and nocturnal deeds


Brittannia Games Design - Nicholas HM Caldwell
An interview with Steve Turner of Brittania Games Design, UK-based publisher of Chivalry & Sorcery

Forgotten Futures - Nicholas HM Caldwell
An interview with Marcus Rowland, creator and one-man publisher of Forgotten Futures, the Game of Scientific Romances

Games from the Dying Earth - David Thomas
Visit this exotic, yet very human world in this sneak preview of Dying Earth Roleplaying from Pelgrane Press

SLA Industries: An Introduction - Tim Dedopulos
Explore a grimmer future in the World of Progress from Nightfall Games


Enemy Within - Phillip Gladney
We return to our Ready-to-Run Angle campaign. Having survived the Siege of Harnalda, the PCs must now unmask the Witch-king's spymaster!

Gildor's Halls - Matt Light
Gildor Inglorion invited Frodo to partake of his folk's hospitality at home. This essay tries to fathom the location of Gildor's Halls.


The Guild Companion : Review: Glorantha, Introduction to the Hero Wars - Jamie 'Trotsky' Revell
An indispensable guide to the splendid fantasy world of Glorantha.

The Guild Companion : Review: Ravaged Planet - Nicholas HM Caldwell
The stunning setting guide for the Brave New World superhero game


Fabled Monsters of Mythic Greece - Daniel M Myers
An in-depth look at the fantastic monsters of Mythic Greece, revealing their unique and diverse natures.


Animated Corpses, Restless Spirits and the Undead - Cormac Doyle
A comprehensive treatment of Undead, exploring their natures, powers and limitations. Suitable for use with RM2, RMSS, and RMFRP

Divine Justice - Jeremy Friesen and Pete Tichenor
A new Priest list for religions which believe in (super)natural justice. Usable with RMSS and RMFRP

Dragon Forms Spell List - Jeremy Friesen and Pete Tichenor
A new Priest list for the extremely rare and arcane worshippers of the Dragon Cults. Usable with RMSS and RMFRP

Silent Death

Sithra Haas - Friedrich Haas
Add a new alien race to your Silent Death games, complete with history, technology, and three sample scenarios.


New Training Packages for Spacemaster - Elton Robb
Add the Smuggler and the Mercenary training package to your Spacemaster: Privateers games

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