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Enemy Within

Amrill's Townhouse

By Phillip Gladney

Edited by Joe Mandala for The Guild Companion

Copyright 2000

The townhouse owned and lived in by Amrill is one of the largest buildings in Fennas Drunin. Only the Town Hall and a few of the inns are larger. Made of stone with a tile roof, the architecture is reminiscent of what one would see in Gondor or Arthedain. Consisting of a large main house as well as an entrance tower and courtyard, the edifice is two stories tall. There are no windows to the outside on the ground floor, however there are many on the second. Stout, oaken timbers reinforced with iron protect these second floor windows. The windows on the ground floor all look into the courtyard. These designs are for obvious security purposes.

Security also includes armed guards patrolling the grounds at all times. There are 10 guards stationed within the confines of the manor to protect it from thieves and other threats. Two guards are on duty at all times, one in the entrance tower and one roaming throughout the remainder of the house. These experienced warriors all hail from the Angmarean army, but their cover has them from the other side of the Misty Mountains. They will defend the townhouse almost to the death.

1. Entranceway- Two large double doors made completely of iron secure the only means of legitimate entrance into the merchants’ compound. The roof is of above-average height (15’) to allow riders to enter without having to dismount. There is a small window in the main doors to allow guardsmen to peer out and question potential visitors. There is always at least one guardsman here protecting the entrance. A stool is provided to help alleviate the boredom of the long hours of sentry duty.

2. Courtyard- This bailey is cobbled to protect the horses’ hooves and keep out mud on rainy days.

3. Stable- Four horses are kept within this building constructed of wooden planks. The nicest is a powerful, jet-black stallion owned by Amrill. There is also a horse for Leoric and Dainyl as well as one extra. Well fed and cared for by the house servants of Amrill’s house, these beasts can run with the fastest in the entire Angle. Oats, hay, saddles, bridles and other livery gear are stored here as well.

4. Wall- This defensive construction is approximately 12 feet high. There is a wooden walkway throughout the entire interior of the courtyard. Two ladders located near the entrance tower allow access to the walkway.

5. Great Hall- This large room is tiles and contains an abundance of expensive artwork on the walls. This is where Amrill greets and entertains his guests. A marble pool stands in the center of the chamber along with a large statue of a man and woman embraced and kissing. There are several other smaller statues and busts symmetrically situated around the perimeter of the hall. A grand staircase stands opposite the main entrance leading up to the second floor. To either side are situated hallways that proceed into other areas of the house. During times of high alert a guard will be stationed here right outside the main door. At other times this section of the house harbors partygoers intent on having a good time. Amrill is well known within Fennas Drunin for his expensive galas and invitations to these events are well sought after.

6. Younger Servant’s Quarters- Home to three relatively attractive women of varying ethnic stock, these rooms are surprisingly well furnished. The servants have their own beds as well as dressers with mirrors and a supply of makeup. If questioned, these maidservants will cheerfully express their admiration of and gratitude towards Amrill. The reality of their situation is far bleaker. Each has a close family member, some of which are children living as slaves in Litashi-ishi-durbaz. If any of the maidservants were to do anything to endanger the spymaster’s mission, their family members would be gruesomely tortured and killed. Indeed, the young ladies would most definitely do everything in their power to protect Amrill and preserve his secrets. Also, Amrill would not be against using any or all of the servants as hostages or human shields if necessary.

7. Older Servant’s Quarters- Two elderly women live together in this sparsely furnished room. There is little here aside from two cots and a small chest for clothes. The duties of these two women differ greatly from those of the other three maidservants. They do all of the cooking and clothes washing as well taking care of the horses. The younger maids do the lighter house cleaning so as not to sully their looks.

8. Kitchen- The two elderly servants usually spend most of their days here. Doing all of the cooking for the entire household can be a time consuming chore. This kitchen is like most others. A cutting table dominates the center of the room while a stove sits off to one side. Cabinets are built into the walls to hold foodstuffs, dinnerware and other sundry items. There is nothing of interest here.

9. Pantry- entire households’ food supply is kept here. Most is dry and can keep for quite awhile, however fresh meat and fish is kept here also. Like the kitchen, there is nothing of interest here.

10. Barracks- Amrill has close to a dozen full-time caravansaries working for him at all times. These men are mostly from Angmar and its client states much like the guardsmen who protect the compound. One difference, though, is that the caravansaries have not been entrusted with the fact that Amrill is an agent of the Witch-king. They merely believe that he is an unscrupulous trader who is sending shipments to the realm of Angmar. They are paid well to keep their mouths shut and they haven’t a care or a clue as to what Amrill’s true motives are. If questioned, they will be unable to give any information about the Umbarean spy’s’ methods or secrets. When in town waiting for the next caravan to be assembled, they stay in Amrill’s house. Now that all caravans to the east have been put on hold the majority of the caravan guards are here. They are at his beck and call and will do most anything for him for the right price, including murder. This lot is looked down upon in most quarters of the city. There are currently 3 caravansaries here and they keep their meager possessions (10-30 sp) on their person at all times.

11. Barracks- This room also houses 3 caravansaries much like room #10.

12. Common Room- A large table stands in the center of this room. Cards, dice and other gaming accessories lie about the table, as do empty ale tankards and eating utensils. This is the common room for the guardsmen and caravansaries and they spend much of their free time in here getting drunk and eating. A dartboard and keg fill out the sparsely furnished room.

13. Barracks- Much like room #10, this room houses 4 caravansaries.

14. Armory- A sturdy wooden (locked, Hard –10 to open) door protects the arms and armor of the household. Most of the warriors in the townhouse keep their weapons on their person, but a reserve is kept here also. Mostly consisting of arrows and spears the weapons are all of average make. Most have never seen action but are still kept in good condition. Grinding stones, oils and other preservative items are kept here also.

15. Staircase- This massive staircase is intricately carved from oak wood and is an extravagant addition to the manor house. The middle section stands high above the ground floor and is primarily used as a speaking platform during parties.

16. Upper Hall- The upper hall is a continuation of the grand hall below it. Decorated similarly it is a perfect place to entertain party guests and host banquets.

17. Leoric’s Chambers- The Evil Animist Leoric lives in and operates out of this suite situated in the top of the entrance tower. He is a recluse and spends most of the day within his room spying on the townsfolk. The contents of the room consist of a simple wood-frame bed, a small telescope set on a tripod, a desk covered with papers, a bookshelf with a large quantity of books, a large chest, a dresser and other miscellaneous small pieces of furniture. There is nothing of value in any of the drawers or the chest and none are locked. Most hold clothes or worthless bric-a-brac. The papers on the desk are all notes Leoric has made about his observations of the townsfolk or manifests, invoices, etc. from the merchant business.

Rafters upon which a perceptive PC might notice the unmistakable signs of bird waste support the roof. This is from the crebain that he summons at night (when no one can see them) and uses to transmit messages to his contacts and superiors. These creatures are never present during daylight hours but fly in only when summoned by Leoric.

Since the first floor of the tower is taller than normal, Leoric has an excellent view of the entire town. He uses this vantage to its utmost, spying almost continually upon the townsfolk. To aid him in his voyeurism he has obtained a large crystal rhombus set in a pedestal. This powerful magical device adds to his already potent abilities. About the size of an average mans’ head, the crystal concentrates and magnifies Channeling spells. If touching the rhombus, a user of channeling will have x5 duration and range on all spells cast. Currently Leoric has the pedestal set near his telescope so that he will have easy access to it. When not in use, the bearded Northman keeps a blanket over it.

In addition to his spying and bookkeeping duties, Leoric keeps the missives, all written in Black Speech, to be transferred to and from agents of the Witch-king within Cardolan. These he hides in a hidden compartment set into the stone wall. This compartment is Very Hard (-20) to find. Inside there are messages from most of the agents of the Witch-king residing in Cardolan. Unfortunately, all use vague terminology to conceal their vicinity and code names such as Blackwatch, Nightbringer, Fellsword, Darkmere, Thornspike, and the like.

18. Guardroom- This room houses 5 guardsmen. Wooden cots, small clothes chests and stools are spread about the room in an orderly fashion. Each guardsman, culled from the most reliable of men within the army of Angmar, keeps his personal wealth (10-50 sp, depending upon who was luckiest the night before with the dice) on his person. Well paid, these rogue Northmen and Rhudaurim can frequently be seen out in town drinking or whoring.

19. Guardroom- This room also houses 5 guardsmen much like room #18.

20. -22. Guest Rooms-These rooms, reserved for important guests, are kept immaculately clean by the house servants. They have the regular household furnishings needed to accommodate guests for extended periods of time. These rooms are also used as a safe house for servants of the Witch-king needing a place to hide. In the past, many figures of note fleeing to safety in Rhudaur and Angmar have been smuggled into town by the servants of Amrill so that they may "lay low" until their pursuers have given up. Currently, a spy who was uncovered working out of Metraith has taken up residence in one of these suites (#22). His name is Gorm Tavar and he is a talented assassin who works extensively with poisons. He has a small cache with him in a small wooden box covered with leather. He is waiting for the right time to re-enter Rhudaur and must wait for the activity on the border to die down before he may begin his journey. There is also a significant bounty on his head in the amount of 50 pieces of gold. This bounty can be obtained by traveling to Metraith with the scoundrel in tow or providing an identifiable part of his body to the local magistrate.

While Gorm is living with Amrill he will do whatever necessary to help his benefactor, including one of his favorite pastimes, cold-blooded murder. This he has already done once for the Umbarean spymaster. It was Gorm who stuck the poisoned dagger into the back of Corvan, the Weaver’s Guildmaster, and planted the false message. Gorm has a small pouch containing the money he was able to escape Metraith with. It holds 8 gp, and 27 sp in addition to one gem worth 50 gm sewn into the hem.

23. Dainyl’s Chambers- Dainyl, the Rhudaurian guard captain, lives in this spacious suite of rooms. The rooms, consisting of a bedroom and sitting room, are well furnished with expensive furniture and accoutrements. The accomplished soldier is looking forward to retirement and is beginning to acquire items for that day. Don’t underestimate his determination and resolve when it comes to defending the townhouse though. He, as well as everyone dwelling in the house, knows that a hideous death awaits them if they fail in this important endeavor. Being hunted by the minions of the Witch-king for the rest of his natural life is not something Dainyl is prepared to accept and he will sacrifice his own life to prevent this from happening. He knew what he was getting into when he accepted this well-paying and relatively easy assignment.

Dainyl’s responsibilities within the compound are organizing the sentry rotations, drilling the guards and overseeing the overall defense of the townhouse. Technically, he is second-in-command of the operation, but in truth he fears Leoric and frequently defers to his wishes. The animosity of a powerful Channeler is something the wise warrior is apt to avoid. In front of his subordinates, however, Dainyl is a powerful authority figure who accepts no less than 100% effort. An unyielding taskmaster, Dainyl drills the guards daily and has indeed created an elite, albeit small, force of heavy infantry.

Within this suite lies a small fortune in gold. Dainyl has become a wealthy man after serving many years under Amrill in the service of Angmar. His stipend was always healthy, but he has operated rigged gambling games in the past and this increased his personal assets tenfold. He now has a stash of well over 350 pieces of gold hidden in a false bottom of his clothes chest that is Hard (-10) to detect.

24. Study- several bookcases as well as a desk and leather chairs adorn this dimly lit room. Many books are about Gondor’s history and geography, so that Amrill may be able to know more about the country he is supposedly from. The remaining books are a mixture of ribald stories and tactical manuals. The desk is locked (Very Hard –20 to open) and contains various notes about this or that. Most involve his merchant business, but the others are simply worthless. There is no evidence of his surreptitious activities in this room. Leoric can be seen here occasionally when he is auditing the accounts of Amrill.

25. Sitting Room- Amrill spends several hours of each day relaxing in this airy room. A couch and various chairs sit about the room for that purpose. A dumbwaiter provides immediate access to the kitchen and a fully stocked bar sits against the north wall. A large dining table located directly in front of the fireplace completes the room. Amrill dines here in solitude most every evening. Occasionally he will entertain guests here, but for the most part this is Amrill’s sanctuary. Amrill’s greatest pride and joy, a very large portrait of himself, sits perched atop the mantel of the fireplace.

26. Amrill’s Chambers- This opulently decorated chamber is dominated by a massive four-post bed centered against the wall opposite the door. The posts are made of exquisitely carved wood straight from Woodmen-town and show various woodland animals in natural poses. Mink comforters cover bed sheets made of silk. Other elegant pieces of furniture are positioned around the room including two dressers, a bench, a clothes chest and several small tables. Amrill is rarely in this room during daylight hours, but can be found here every night in the company of the maidservant that struck his fancy that day. There is no incriminating evidence of Amrill’s activities here; however there is a hidden compartment built into the bed that is Extremely Hard (-30) to find. It is locked (Extremely Hard –30) and contains a simple needle trap that is both Extremely Hard (-30) to find and disarm. It contains a 10th level circulatory poison that nauseates its victim for 1-5 days. Inside the hidden compartment is most of Amrill’s wealth. He has converted what he could into gemstones and mithril pieces for ease of concealment and transport if necessary. This amounts to 3,300 gp in gems, 10 mp and 57 gp.

On one wall are pegs for Amrill’s arms and armor. All are of fine make and ready to be utilized at a moment’s notice. Amrill prefers not to be seen in these items as it may make his cover as a merchant difficult to explain. Instead, when in town or entertaining, Amrill wears simple garments that, although expensive, keep his fellow townsfolk from discerning his actual martial skills. Amrill hates this attire and would much prefer to don his armor and have his potent sword by his side at all times.

In case of emergency, Amrill has had one of the windows in his room that looks out into the courtyard and surrounding wall modified. While protected by stout wooden shutters to keep out the cold and intruders, the window can be opened from the inside by a simple switch of a lever, which is located on the wall close to the bed. The shutters will swing open instantly allowing Amrill to exit quickly should his inner sanctum be violated. The palisade walkway is situated a mere 5 feet directly below this window. In an emergency, Amrill will simply jump out of the window, land on the palisade wall and turn to another small lever set in the stone. This lever brings down two iron bars from the wall above the window to shut off the exit and cease any pursuit. From there, Amrill will make his way to either Descarr’s stables or a small boat moored on the pier closest to his warehouses. This boat is intended as a pleasure craft, however it can serve as a means of escape in a pinch. It is provisioned for a week’s journey at all times and has a small sail to power it. If Amrill uses the boat to escape he will travel downstream to the smuggler’s base camp and use a horse there to flee to Rhudaur via Eregion. Amrill has a lot of free time and uses much of it to ensure his safekeeping should he ever be discovered as an agent of the Witch-king.

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