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Dragon Forms

Priest Base Spell List

Copyright Jeremy Friesen and Pete Tichenor, 2000

1. Mark of Injustice: Caster places an invisible mark on one target within range, enabling the target to be detected by "Detect Injustice." The mark may include the "type of injustice" that the target is guilty of. This spell may only be cast on the target if the caster knows the target is guilty of the "type of injustice" specified. The caster may cancel the mark at any time.

2. Detect Lie: The caster knows when the target is lying.

3. Detect Injustice I: Detects the total number of "marked" persons in the area of effect as well as the "type of injustice" mark on each marked person. The caster is aware who placed this mark on the "marked" person.

4. Confession I: The caster may ask a question about a particular subject and the target will tell the caster everything he knows about that particular subject.

5. Questions: Target must answer one single concept question truthfully. The caster may ask one question per level of the caster.

6. Judgement I: Target "marked" creature is wracked with pain causing 2d10 hits that heal normally. He also operates at -20 to all actions for duration.

7. Locate Mark: Caster knows the direction and distance to all "marked" individuals that the caster has marked.

8. Hold: Target creature is held to 25% action.

9. Detect Injustice II: As Detect Injustice I, except for the area of effect and range.

10. Visible Mark: As Mark of Injustice, except the mark is visible in the eyes of the target. Every sentient being knows the "type of injustice." The mark may only be removed by this spell. All attempts to remove the mark by anyone other than the caster are at a -50.

11. Judgement II: As Judgement I, except target takes 4d10 hits and the penalty is -40.

12. Cleansing Justice: Caster may remove up to 1 corruption point per five levels. This may only removes the target's "unwillingly" induced corruption.

13. Confession II: [-20 RR] As Confession I, except for –20 RR.

15. Judgement III: As Judgement I, except the target takes 8d10 hits and is paralyzed.

17. Hold True: As Hold, except for duration.

18. Confession III: [-40 RR] As Confession I, except for –40 RR.

19. Detect Injustice True: As Detect Injustice I, except for the area of effect and range.

20. Aura Mark: As Visible Mark, except the mark is visible even if the target is invisible, cloaked, or otherwise disguised.

25. Judgement True: As Heathen's Judgement I, except target takes 10d10 hits and is knocked unconscious.

30. Draven's Judgement: As Judgement True, except if the target fails his resistance roll by more than 20 the caster may choose whether the target dies or is rendered unconscious. The caster may awaken the target at any time.

50. Justice Mastery: The caster can use one spell from this list per round.

Special Notes

Unwillingly induced corruption is considered to be any corruption that is not a direct result of the subject's actions. Spell failure is considered to be willingly induced corruption.

Editor's Note

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