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Enemy Within

Regional Overview

By Phillip Gladney

Edited by Joe Mandala for The Guild Companion

Copyright 2000

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Thuin Boid- The fortified town of Thuin Boid is now home to a large contingent of levy infantry. Primarily made up of spearmen and archers for defensive purposes, these troops are the oldest, youngest and overall least able to fight effectively in a true melee situation. Approximately 400-500 levy troops are stationed in tents throughout the town. All of the sheep, cattle and horses from the nearby countryside have been transferred to the paddock within the town walls for safekeeping. Alador is in command of the town and will defend it to the best of his ability.

Harnalda- Much like Thuin Boid, Harnalda has been significantly reinforced with infantrymen from the levy. These too are mostly archers and light infantry. Under the command of Talathain, this fort is once again ready to repel invaders from the Angle.

Crossroads- The majority of the army of the Angle is camped at this fortified road junction. Composed of the Red Lances, the River Guard, the levy cavalry, the Steel Riders mercenary unit and a large contingent of the most able-bodied levy infantry, these troops constitute the reserve and strike force of the Angle military. This army is led by Aldurin and is ready to march at a moment’s notice or defend their own camp if need be. The strategy formulated by Aldurin calls for a mobile reserve to be held back until Stonearm commits his forces. Whichever fort Ermegil decides to attack can be reinforced by the mounted units and fast moving infantry. If the King of Rhudaur skips both forts and drives directly towards Fennas Drunin, then Aldurin will be able to confront him here on his own terms. Additionally, the forces from both border forts could then move to Ermegil’s rear and harass his supplies and reserves. All in all, it is a sound strategy, however Aldurin is not taking into account the events taking place at Minas Brethil. These events could reshape the tactical situation and leave the forces of the Angle cut off from one another.

Smallforge & Reedhaven- The dwarves and hobbits dwelling in this community have just now been able to get back to life as it was. The hobbits have gone back to living in their cottages and are working on the next crop. As always, if danger threatens the hobbits will retreat to the safety of Smallforge and wait out the warfare. Meanwhile, the dwarves have doubled their weapons production and have all but emptied their armory. Having sent for help from Khazad-dum weeks ago, the leaders of Smallforge have been informed that a small regiment of Dwarven warriors is on its way to assist the colony. These forces will arrive too late to help with any of the upcoming fighting however.

Minas Brethil- the work going on here is coming to an end. The tunnel is almost complete and will soon be ready to convey enemy forces under the river to the nearly defenseless western bank. The Angmarim, Hillmen and orcish troops present here are on high alert and confident in their impending success.

Fennas Drunin- The heart and soul of the Angle is now home to the majority of the Angle’s entire inhabitants. Refugees waiting for the armed conflict to cease so they can return to their homes have camped outside the walls and are taking up almost every single room for let within the town. The military forces consist of a small amount of levy, a hundred of the oldest and least experienced, and a small mercenary unit called the Freeholders. The Freeholders are all from the Pinnath Ceren and are excellent warriors. Composed of Eriadorans who have had to leave their homeland in the Red Hills due to blood feuds or lack of opportunity and numbering only forty, these mercenaries are solid fighting men. Using wall shields and long axes as their primary weapons they have a fearsome reputation for bravery and courage in the heat of battle. They are also very reliable and have had dealings with the people of the Angle in the past, most recently the Stonearm Wars.

Countryside near Fennas Drunin- The farms and houses of the countryside are now mostly empty. A few farmers and ranchers have decided to stay and fight, if necessary, for their homes. These particular individuals most often have fortified homesteads or are large landowners who have a small number of workers to help in the defense. These people will be very cautious with any armed parties not wearing the green and blue of the Angle or the red of the Red Lances.

Ermegil’s Camp- Ermegil has regrouped his forces and is once again working his way down south. The main army, consisting of his mercenaries and Dunlending levies, is currently encamped just 20 miles northwest of Thuin Boid. He has regular patrols by his mounted units within a ten-mile radius. Stonearm is waiting for his allies to join him before he moves further south.

Broggha’s Camp- The unified Hillmen under the command of their Targ-Arm, Broggha, are steadily moving southward. There are about 2,000 of the savages making up this campaign army. Currently, they are encamped to the east of Ermegil and are working their way towards him. Broggha is going slower than Ermegil would like due to the fact that the Hillmen leader does not entirely trust Stonearm. He is relying entirely on his own troops for reconnaissance and therefore must march at a more deliberate pace. He will join up with Stonearm soon, however and together they will drive towards Minas Brethil.

Hakknash’s Camp- The orcish warlord of northern Rhudaur is marching southward to link up with Ermegil and Broggha. He has 1,000 orcish troops under his leadership. These are of substandard quality even for orcs. Unbeknownst to Hakknash, Ermegil plans to use the orcish troops as fodder and conserve his own. Although nominally an ally of the king, Stonearm would dearly love to eliminate this potential future rival to his authority. Stonearm would also like to weaken his other rival, Broggha, however he does not have any plans for this set in stone.

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