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Ready-To-Run Adventures

Enemy Within

Other Places of Note

By Phillip Gladney

Edited by Joe Mandala for The Guild Companion

Copyright 2000

Smuggler Camp- The hidden base of the small network of smugglers working out of Fennas Drunin is made up of several log huts with thatch roofs set in a circular pattern. Out of sight of the river and located in a swampy area beside a small creek on the far side of the Bruinen, this camp is known to no one outside the smugglers except for Amrill, Leoric and Dainyl. All told, there are 7 outlaws in this gang under the supervision of a Dunlending named Fiernoch. The other smugglers are made up of many different ethnic groups including Easterlings, Cardolani, Rhudaurim and Northmen. There are a total of 4 huts and one cowshed in the small compound all circling a common fire pit. Fiernoch lives by himself in one of the huts. The 3 remaining huts each house two of the smugglers. The cowshed holds one old cow for milk purposes and one horse for emergencies. Chickens and pigs run about throughout the entire camp.

For defense there is a small 5’ palisade around the camp to keep out wild beasts and two tree-stands in the nearby forest from which archers can rain down missiles on anyone unfortunate enough to stumble into the camp. Two dogs of indiscriminate lineage also dwell with the smugglers and can provide early detection of intruders if the wind is blowing the right way. The smugglers have two sail-powered skiffs that they use to transport illicit goods to and fro moored in the nearby creek. A third oar-powered boat sits on the creek shore and is currently being fitted with thin plates of iron to act as armor to protect the rowers. A ballista, acquired during the smuggler’s last trip to Rhudaur, has been riveted into the prow. Fiernoch plans on using the ensuing confusion from the war to start a new career: that of river pirate.

In conjunction with the meager defenses of the camp, several traps in the nearby forest protect the hideout from intruders. All are of simple design but since the area around their refuge is so boggy due to its proximity to the river they are difficult to detect. All of the smugglers know the exact location of each trap and are able to avoid them with ease. Some are located on the main trail between the camp and the creek while others are randomly placed throughout the area. Encounters in the near vicinity of the hideout should be governed by these guidelines:

% chance of encounter Perception difficulty Description
01-10n/aNo traps
11-25Medium (+0)Simple pit trap. Stakes set in ground. 1-5 "C" Puncture Criticals. Feces and other waste matter smeared on stake. 50% chance of infection.
26-40Hard (-10)Branch with spikes. Pulled back and triggered by tripwire. If released will swing into whichever character tripped the wire (GM decision). 1-3 "D" Puncture Criticals.
41-70Very Hard (-20)Spiked Log suspended by rope. Triggered by tripwire which releases hidden log. May attack up to 2 characters with 1-5 "C" Puncture Criticals and 1 "C" Crush Critical.
71-00Extremely Hard (-30)Elaborate pit trap. Uses standing water as concealment. Metal spikes located directly underneath surface. 1-5 "E" Puncture Criticals.

Descarr’s Stables- The home and workplace of the despised Descarr is a filthy, unkempt place. It is littered with empty wine jugs, rotten food and various other bits of refuse. Coupled with the animal waste from the adjacent stables the building has acquired a certain unappealing odor. This keeps the average citizen from visiting, however this suits Descarr just fine. With the contraband he is concealing here he does not want too many visitors in any case.

The main building houses an office and kitchen on the first floor and sleeping quarters on the second. The adjoining livery can be accessed both from inside the main house as well as the street outside. None of the furniture in the entire building is of average make or better. There is also nothing of value within the living section except for a small amount of coinage for transactions involving the mules and worn-down horses Descarr deals in. The Dunlending’s real wealth is kept in the stable. Hidden in a wooden box underneath a pile of manure (naturally the last place any sane person would look) is the cache of drugs Descarr transports to and from Angmar and Rhudaur. He also keeps the illegal earnings from these sales here. So far, Descarr has accumulated 504 gp and 223 sp.

The only other unfortunate inhabitant of this foul-smelling structure is a small Dunlending boy named Surrol. He is an orphan from the Stonearm Wars and is kept by Descarr as a menial laborer. Only fourteen years old and unable to speak due to the torment he has endured from Descarr and the shock of losing his parents, Surrol tidies up the living quarters and stable as best he can. The townspeople believe that Surrol is a true mute, however this is not the case. Tender care from a loving household over time would help alleviate the pitiful young mans’ affliction. As it is, Descarr abuses him on a regular basis, both physically and mentally. The child is unaware of Descarr’s true calling and would be unable to help in any investigation, although he does know about the hidden cache of drugs and money. Unknown to all, however, is the fact that Surrol is the son of a powerful Animist and is exceptionally talented in that area as well (101 Intuition). With training Surrol could develop into an extremely potent Channeler.

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