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Words From the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
The Editor discusses adventure modules and how they fit into the Guild Companion's master plan


Fragment Worlds - Prologue - Marc Gilbert
The end of one world and the beginning of many

Fragment Worlds Setting Synopsis - Marc Gilbert
A summary of the Fragment Worlds combined fiction and campaign setting


The Blank Page - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Writing for fun and profit. Hints and tips from the General Editor


Review: All Hands on Deck - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Do your Run out the Guns! games need new material? Here's the answer!

Review: Jovian Chronicles - Nicholas HM Caldwell
A combined RPG and wargame with a realistic hard science-fiction setting


Of Essaence and the Unlife - Cormac Doyle
A study into the mysteries of the Unlife in the perilous setting of the Shadow World

The Corruption and Taint of the Unlife - Cormac Doyle
The Unlife is an insidious threat to the Shadow World. Guidelines for gaining, living with, and removing the taint of the Unlife

WYRD BOW - James Canavan
A supplementary spell list for elite archers of mystical fighting orders


Body Runes TP Spell List - Marc Gilbert
A training package spell list (for the Rune Warrior TP) suitable for both RMSS and RMFRP

Master Training Packages - Marc Gilbert
Being the very best involves many sacrifices. Here's how to make PCs really earn those powerful training packages.

Rune Warrior - Marc Gilbert
A new training package specialising in tattoo magic for RMSS and RMFRP


Software Review EBoN: The Ever-changing Book of Names - Rebecca A Downey
Are you exhausted trying to find names for all your NPCs? Here's a shareware program that's not for every Tom, Dick or Harry!

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