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Fragment Worlds : A Synopsis

Copyright Marc Gilbert, 2000

Setting:It was a high-fantasy, medieval planet where the people utilized a network of magical portals as a means of travel. One fateful day, a new star appeared in the sky. The sages of the magical conclave recognized that it was, in fact, not a star but a comet that was approaching the planet at an incredibly fast rate. Many proclaimed that it would be the end of the world. Many panicked: some saying that it was a punishment from the Gods, others that it would be liberation.

But the mages decided that it would be something else altogether. It would not be the end of the world, but the beginning of another. The mages unified their forces, creating magical domes destined to protect the biggest cities, and waited for the impact.

The comet struck the world with an impact so violent that the planet exploded into hundreds of fragments. Millions of living beings were killed by the devastating collision, but with the help of the magical domes many cities were saved, some intact and some which only barely survived.

Now, the morsels of planet that the people have named "fragment worlds" are scattered in space. The survivors of the impact now scramble to live on these fragments, hampered by the lack of many resources. On some, there is a scarcity of water; on others, there are shortages of air, food or magic. The only means of travel between fragments is the network of magical portals that is now partly destroyed.

Races: There were three intelligent races on the planet before it exploded: humans, elves, and dwarves. It was a peaceful world; wars were the exception, not the rule. Now that the world was destroyed, there will be many new races created by the side effects of the black hole.

The new formation of the world: The violent shattering of the planet has resulted in a tiny black hole where there was once a planetary core. The fragments have aligned themselves into two opposing spirals gravitating around this black hole. The fragment worlds that are located nearest to the black hole have an extremely high pressure, making life unsupportable for most of the races, while the fragments furthest from it possess a very low gravity and thin atmosphere.

The black hole: Many think that the black hole was created by the destruction of many magical portals when the comet struck, their energy regrouped at this central point. They theorize that the black hole could still be an active dimensional door, but where could it lead, nobody knows. Some postulate that the black hole would act as a random dimensional door that would never lead to the same place twice. Entering it could lead you to a demonic plane, a world of strange creatures or, perhaps, it could travel through time.

Others think that this black hole was the core of the world and that it was the source of magic in the world. They believe that now that the magical core is revealed, it will continue to influence the fragments, but in a more unstable manner than before the catastrophe.

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