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Words from the Wise (Guys)

An Editorial Rant.


To the sixteenth issue of The Guild Companion.

Adventures and Modules

Many gamemasters find themselves hard-pressed to prepare home-made settings and scenarios for their campaigns, simply due to too many other demands on their time. For them, adventures and modules are a godsend. Pre-packaged scenarios, detailed maps and fully written up NPCs all help to ensure that many gaming groups get regular role-playing fix.

Many games companies used to produce such modules, but few still do. Modules are not really economic for small publishers as they only appeal to a certain fraction of gamemasters. Rulebooks and sourcebooks, on the other hand, appeal to most gamemasters and many players. (Compare the slim first edition MERP modules with the weighty sourcebooks of second edition MERP.)

Even Wizards of the Coast is intending to escape from this niche of the role-playing market as it is not sufficiently profitable for them - and there are a lot more D&D DMs than GMs for other systems!

Yet there is still a need for these types of products.

The Guild Companion and Modules

And this where The Guild Companion steps in … and perhaps you do too.

We will be publishing adventure and location modules usable with any role-playing game system. We have already created a generic format for describing NPCs and the like which gamemasters will find easy to convert into specific game statistics. In addition, we will also be presenting statistics in the D20 format (which is the "open gaming" heart of - and completely compatible with - Third Edition Dungeons and Dragons). D20 will be the topic of a future editorial, by the way.

Our modules will be sold as PDF documents, with the authors and artists receiving royalties from the sales. Some of the proceeds will be used to support The Guild Companion, ensuring that this magazine continues to be able to publish high-quality articles to entertain and inform you every month.

The first module has already been written, edited, and converted into a PDF product. "City of Archendurn" is a 34-page location module describing a complete city-state with full-colour maps, NPC inhabitants, and a selection of adventure ideas. Archendurn could be the perfect base for a band of adventurers. "City of Archendurn" will be available for purchase as soon as our webmaster unveils The Guild Companion online shop.

So where might you step in?

Well, if you are a budding writer or artist, this is an excellent opportunity to try your hand at being published professionally. Have you an idea for an adventure, an interesting location, or an exciting setting? Now is your chance. Get in touch with me at editor@guildcompanion.com. You should also read my companion article on writing (The Blank Page) to this editorial.

Guild Companion Special Issue

If you've been checking the announcements discussion board recently, you'll have seen that The Guild Companion is planning a special issue on the sea. Articles for any game system (or none at all) dealing with the sea, both above and below the waves are eagerly solicited. The full details and a host of suggestions can be found in the official announcement. Why not try your hand at writing for the special issue?

Farewell (for now ...)

That's it from me for this month. The next issue will be appearing in July 2000.
Keep gaming and have fun!

Nicholas HM Caldwell,
General Editor,

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Farewell (for now ...)

That's it from me for this month. The next issue will be appearing in July 2000.

Have fun and keep gaming