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Words From the Wise (Guys) - Clifford Hammerschmidt
Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition is coming. What's the hype and what does it mean to you?


Quenta Roqueni, Book One, Chapters 11 to 14 - Vincent Roiron and Lowell R. Matthews
A continuing tale of Middle Earth wherein the search for Berek's medallion leads right up to the thief's front door.


The Fifth Element ... Of Taste - Lowell R. Matthews
How adding an extra flavor can add new dimensions of sensation to your gaming world.


Review: Brave New World - Nicholas HM Caldwell
A new superheroes role-playing game set in a world where the American dream has become a nightmare

Review: Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game - Elton Robb
In this fantasy world of the Rising Sun, Samurai and Shugenja strive for honor and the Emperor's patronage

Review: Trinity - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Always liked the idea of psionic powers? Want epic science-fiction role-playing? Read on!

Review: TSR JAM 1999 - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Seven very different scenarios for Dungeons Dragons, Alternity and the Dragonlance SAGA system


Natural Fauna of Mythic Greece - Daniel M Myers
The wild beasts of ancient Greece can be every bit as dangerous as their fantastic counterparts. Here are some challenges for your Mythic Greece PCs


Arachnin Training Package - Glen E Terry
A Lifestyle Training Package for the Arachnin race

Castles and Ruins Errata - R.C. Kirkland, Jr.
Various corrections and addenda for RMSS Castles Ruins as compiled by its author

Castles and Ruins Prices - R.C. Kirkland, Jr.
Corrected and extended equipment prices for RMSS Castles Ruins as compiled by its author

Emotional Modifiers - Dre'
Love, hate, joy and sorrow are very intense emotions. Under their influence, characters can go beyond normal abilities. Here's how.

The Serpis - Jason Yarnell
Enter the Serpis, a mysterious race of humanoid reptiles with no love for the Softskins!

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