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Emotional Modifiers

Copyright Dre' 2000

"Garret stood, despite the weary exhaustion of the battle. His armour was stained with blood, the crest of the Valiants barely visible beneath the combat camouflage of crimson and dents. White Vengeance was held in his hand, the long horseman's blade aglow with a white aura. And then he saw the ranks of paladins, beaten back by Mazdul's forces. His vision caught them dropping one by one, felled by demon and betrayer blades. He couldn't take it.
The High Paladin screamed. With a rush of anger he picked up his no-dachi, and walked across the battlefield. Every enemy he encountered he felled as if in a trance, seemingly without effort. White Vengeance was searing with holy flames now, tearing through the opposition. Garret began to run, mowing his enemies down with the holy sword. When he reached the generals, his rush of energy and fury lead to a powerful strike that spilt both commanders in two. The ground erupted with holy light and Garret sent the evil forces to oblivion in a wave of holy fire.
When the opposition was all on the ground in near ashes, the rush wore off. Garret dropped to his knees...and then he collapsed into unconsciousness.
From The Account of the History of Saridia

I created emotional modifiers [Ems] to reflect the seemingly 'super-natural' abilities people gain when under intense pain, joy, hate, sorrow, etc.
While this mainly affects the actions of NPCs, it is possible to adapt it to PCs as well. When running my campaigns, I judge based on the role-playing and feeling the player has whether or not to apply an EM. These can greatly affect what a character is capable of doing, especially on lower levels. I believe it adds to the realism of emotion and character within the game.
Applying EMs is completely at the GM's discretion. The GM must assume at what point it would be reasonable to apply such bonuses and to whom. I merely provide a suggested list of emotional effects and what they may represent when they are released. As with all rules, the Gamemaster may cut and paste where he sees fit.

While one could maintain a scale for each and every character to reflect where they are on the emotional level, I find this time consuming and usually unnecessary. I think I know when an NPC would go insane or if a character would break down due to depression. But that's up to the GM again. But I will supply a small table that such a scale might resemble.

Devoid of Emotion


Abundancy of Emotion




Now this is a very basic skeleton of what such a chart might look like. This kind of scale would have to be developed for each person/thing the character grows attached to in any manner. Points would be added if the relationship grows, subtracted if it was leading towards 'evil'.

As for the emotions themselves, I shall present an explanation of the effects of them in strong waves. The presented values should be increased or decreased per point in the relationship towards the definitive values on the scale. The first value [positive or negative reflects growing towards the emotion, the second drifting from it.


Self Control: Category: -/+5
Except FRENZY: +/-5
Combat Skills [including Offensive Bonuses]: +/-8
Awareness: Perceptions: -/+3
Exaustion Points: +/-2%
Hit Points: -/+1%
Any Reasoning Maneuvers: -/+1


Greed is a very unstable emotion. While I shall state the affected areas, I will only put minor notes by how I generally affect them.
Bribery: Depending on the affected character, greed will either greatly influence them to go one way to receive money [a motivational aspect] or force them not to do something [part with their money].
Diplomacy: See above.
Math Skills: +/-4
Gambling: +/-3


Influence Category [to affectionate]: +/-5
Combat Skills [When fighting for affectionate]: +/-3
Exaustion Points: +5%


It is difficult to assume the how massive amounts of sorrow will affect a particular person. It can be assumed that they will generally fall into a state of depression [-60 to all actions per Talent Law].
Combat Skills: -/+10
Overall Demeanor: +GM Modifier

These are just VERY basic rough drafts of such a system. Feel free to use this as a basic sketch and detail it yourself. While I have adopted most of my EMs to GM at-the-time discretion, this is a layout of what I began with.

Freedom of rules is the only rule.

Ja, contact me with any comments or concerns or questions.


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