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Words from The Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
The Editor discusses the death of ICE and looks to what the future holds for Rolemaster, Spacemaster and Silent Death


Shipping Hazards - Patrick 'Jake' Jakubowski
A Silent Death tale wherein independent traders Max and Maggie find themselves embroiled in a secretive mission that goes way beyond business as usual.


The Dominion Rules Interview - Aaron Smalley
The Guild Companion talks to Michael Bourland, cofounder of Dominion Rules, about their goals in the brave new world of Open Gaming

Press Release

Press Release: Duel of the Fates (Young Jedi Card Game) - Decipher Games

Press Release: Final Announcement from ICE - Pete Fenlon

Press Release: Otherworld Creations Reveals Diomin Worldbook for D20 System - Otherworld Creations

Press Release: Tremors in the Palace (Star Wars Customizable Card Game) - Decipher Games


Review: Death in Freeport - Clifford Hammerschmidt
A full playtest by experienced gamers of this Third Edition Dungeons and Dragons adventure module

Review: Dominion Rules - Aaron Smalley
A new free fantasy role-playing game designed in the true spirit of 'Open Gaming'.

Review: Harnmaster Barbarians - Rebecca A Downey
Reveal the hidden secrets of Harn's barbarian and tribal cultures. An in-depth review for a comprehensive reference supplement

Review: The Lord of The Rings Boardgame - Nigel Buckle
A (p)review of Parker/Hasbro's newest Middle-Earth boardgame

Review: The Wizard's Amulet - Rob Brott
Experience Third Edition Dungeons and Dragons through this free D20 adventure module

Review: Treasures from the Vault - Ian Trump
A rummage through Wizards of the Coast's vaults reveals some role-playing gems of yesteryear


Bard Spells - Cormac Doyle
Two Special Spell lists for Bards. Usable with RMSS and RMFRP

The Sleuth Profession - Cormac Doyle
Magical crimes and mysteries require an arcane detective. Enter the Sleuth, a new profession with new base lists. Usable with RMSS and RMFRP

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