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Decipher Gets Ready to Launch
Jabba's Palace Sealed Deck

September 28, 2000
Norfolk, Virginia

Decipher Inc. has announced the October 2000 release of Jabba¹s Palace Sealed Deck, a ground-breaking new product that allows, among many other things, the competitive use of Objective cards in sealed-deck tournaments for the Star Wars Customizable Card Game.

Packaged in one of six striking collector's boxes, each Jabba¹s Palace Sealed Deck contains twenty powerful new premium cards, including Mighty Jabba and Lando With Vibro-Ax. Players will enjoy spirited new vehicles, resourceful aliens, quirky blasters and more. Two new Objective cards ­ one for each side of the Force ­ are also part of the mix, as well as all the tools required to make the objectives tick. This marks the first time Objective cards are being made fully playable in a sealed-deck event by providing all of the necessary cards. In addition to the twenty exclusive cards, six limited edition Jabba's Palace expansion packs round out the ranks. All the information required to play, along with special articles, will be posted on a new web site whose URL is printed on each Jabba¹s Palace Sealed Deck box:

The palatial residence of the Hutt crime lord has always been an ideal setting for a special sealed-deck tournament experience; and now this gaming environment has become a reality. With the myriad of characters found in the original Jabba's Palace expansion set, sealed-deck tournaments at the palace are not for the faint of heart. And although created with sealed-deck action in mind, the twenty premium cards were designed to be integrated seamlessly into constructed decks.

But players don't need to leave all the fun and excitement at the tournament hall ­ they can take it home with them! The six different Jabba's Palace Sealed Deck packages double as sturdy storage and carrying boxes that can hold up to three hundred cards. Six of the favorite heroes and villains associated with Jabba are beautifully depicted on the boxes: Bib Fortuna, Chewbacca, a Gamorrean guard, Han Solo in carbonite, Lando Calrissian undercover, and Salacious Crumb. Each character has his own personality ­ and his own collector's box.

Jabba's Palace Sealed Deck is scheduled to release in October 2000 with a Manufacturer¹s Suggested Retail Price of $20.00.

Light Side, Dark Side ­ you¹re welcome inside the palace anytime you want. Coming out again is an entirely different story.

Founded in 1983, Decipher Inc. is a worldwide leader in the collectible card game industry. Decipher is dedicated to The Art of Great Games®. The company's product lines include the Star Trek customizable card game, Star Wars customizable card game, Young Jedi collectible card game and more. In addition, Decipher's Specialty Products Group produces leading games such as How to Host a Murder®, How to Host a Teen Mystery, Boy Crazy, Girl Power, Pente, Scratchees, Rumors and more. Visit for additional product and tournament information, news, contests and interactive features.

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Jonathan Quesenberry
Public Relations Manager
757.664.1116 (vox)
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