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Otherworld Creations Reveals Diomin Worldbook for D20 System

Press Release

Los Angeles, CA
13 October 2000

OWC at Berkley Top Line Open House

OtherWorld Creations' President Robert Savage and VP/Lead designer R. Hyrum Savage will be attending the Berkley Top Line Open House, near Oakland, California on Oct 22 to preview the Diomin Worldbook to the various attending retailers.

"We think this will be a great opportunity to show the retailers a preview of the Diomin Worldbook as well as the quality of the product we will be releasing", said R. Hyrum Savage VP and Lead Designer. "While the book itself will be at the printer, we will have a few galley copies for retailers to thumb through. We here at OWC are committed to supporting the local retailers and attending the open house will be a perfect way to get to know the people who will be bringing our products to the consumer. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved."

Diomin, available soon, will be sold through the Wizard's Attic ( as well as the normal distribution channels.

Tales from Diomin

OWC is proud to present a new feature, "Tales of Diomin". Those visiting the OtherWorld Creations website ( will notice a new option in the menu bar titled 'Tales.' This is the area of the website where featured tales from the world of Diomin will be showcased. Most will be written by staff, but if those interested in Diomin would care to contribute, you can send your stories to and the staff will be happy to look over them and if they feel that the stories are of sufficient quality, OWC will publish the story on the website.

The first tale is chapter one of "The Bones of the World", a short story by OWC staff write Christopher T. Miller. It is based in a town that is in development as a Diomin campaign setting. So, head on over there and check it out!

About OtherWorld Creations

Founded in 2000, OtherWorld Creations is a dedicated game publishing company specializing in the development of a fantasy setting for use with the d20 system. The world of Diomin (pronounced DIE-ahmen) was developed over many years by R. Hyrum Savage ( and finds its roots in mythology, archeology, and various fantastical and historical elements. With new races, cultures, classes, and magic styles, Diomin is going to be an exciting world for both veteran and new gamers alike. For more information, contact OtherWorld Creations at, or visit the company's web site at

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