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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
The General Editor ponders life, the universe, and the Third Edition of Dungeons & Dragons


A Tale of the Fragment Worlds - Interlude 1 - Marc Gilbert
Ancient enemies plot their revenge against the people of the Fragment Worlds.


Deck Tuning for MECCG - Nigel Buckle
Hints and tips on transforming a deck from first ideas to a tournament winner with a worked example


Expedition to the Haunted Vale - Phillip Gladney
The final instalment of our Ready-to-Run Angle campaign brings a climactic showdown with the forces of Angmar

Review: Other Hands Issue 28 - Nathan Jaworski
A look at a recent issue of Other Hands, the magazine devoted to Middle-Earth

Press Release

Press Release: Chaosium to release Dragon Lords of Melnibone under D20 - Chaosium Inc.

Press Release: Nightshift Games Buys Into D20 - Nightshift Games

Press Release: White Wolf forms alliance with Necromancer Games for D20 Products - White Wolf and Necromancer Games


The Guild Companion : Review : Emer 2 - Jay Howell
Return to Emer in the third of the new line of Shadow World modules written by Terry Amthor

The Guild Companion : Review : Nightmares of Mine - Nicholas HM Caldwell
The ultimate role-playing sourcebook on how to run horror games.

The Guild Companion : Review : Player's Handbook: Dungeons and Dragons Third Edition - David Bate
A comprehensive review of the first instalment of the most-hyped role-playing game of the year

The Guild Companion : Review : Principia Malefex - Nicholas HM Caldwell
A dark modern-day role-playing game of horror and mindbending magic


Passages - Ross Henton
A new Cleric base list focusing on rites of passage for Rolemaster

Ten Swords - A Rolemaster Armory - Ross Henton
Ten mighty blades to inspire the legends of your campaign worlds. Their wielders will shape destiny

Silent Death

Code of the Void Warriors - Scott MacNeil
Surrounded by Brood clutchworlds, the Void Warriors of the Modestinus System battle for glory and honor. Includes a history of Modestinus, the Void Warrior code, and new dogfighting rules

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