Chaosium to release Dragon Lords of Melnibone under D20

Press Release

A New World for the d20 System
#2017, ISBN 1-56882-150-6, $23.95

Chaosium Inc. announces that we will release DRAGON LORDS OF MELNIBONÉ during the first quarter of 2001.

The new edition of the d20 rules system is an impressive work, and Chaosium is well-known for releasing top-quality roleplaying adventures and campaigns during the past 25 years. We hope that by publishing high-quality supplements for the d20 rules system we can bring Chaosium titles to the attention of a new market of game players.

Charlie Krank, Chaosium president explains, "We support storytelling in all its many forms, and want to stimulate interest in the world of the Young Kingdoms and the works of fantasy author Michael Moorcock. We believe that Moorcock's tales of Elric, albino prince of Melniboné and doomed bearer of the fantastically magical sword Stormbringer, had great influence in the early development of Dungeons & Dragons. It seems natural to make this world available in all its wonder and majesty to players of the new d20 System."

Of course, Chaosium remains committed to supporting our own d100 game system, and plan to release more supplementary material for Chaosium's ELRIC! game rules. We are also working with Darcsyde Productions, an Australian publisher, to help ensure that there is a better supply of new support material for ELRIC! in the near future; the first projected to be a new sourcebook for the world of Corum.

We look forward to the challenges of this new market, and to making new friends among the gamers in our industry.

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