White Wolf forms alliance with Necromancer Games for D20 Products

Press Release

ATLANTA, Georgia. - September 13, 2000 - White Wolf Publishing, Inc. announced today its agreement with Necromancer Games and the new Sword & Sorcery Studio design houses to market their roleplaying game book releases. The first release will be the Creature Collection, a 224-page hardcover rulebook detailing over 200 new fantasy monsters that are fully compatible with open-gaming D20 system rules.

"The quality of the Sword & Sorcery Studio and Necromancer Games products impresses us enough to put our company's reputation behind these lines with confidence," said White Wolf President Steve Wieck. "With hundreds of thousands of roleplaying fans getting re-energized on the hobby after the release of 3rd-edition we want to offer high-quality products to those fans immediately to make sure they stay with the hobby."

Clark Peterson, owner of Necromancer Games and producer for Sword & Sorcery Studio added, "The Open Game and the D20 System Trademark Licenses are a wonderful addition to the health of the roleplaying hobby, and we're pleased to be a part of the roll-out of these new products. Our agreement with White Wolf gives our company the printing, marketing and sales infrastructure we need to get our ongoing series of products into distributors' and retailers' hands."

The Creature Collection will be the first release from Sword & Sorcery Studio. The fully illustrated book is a collection of over 200 fantasy monsters suitable for any D20-system fantasy roleplaying campaign. The Creature Collection will release to retail as soon as October 6th, and it is currently available for pre-order reservations with any of White Wolf?s authorized distributors and trade partners. The book will also be available in eight copy floor displays.

Necromancer Games' adventure releases will begin in late October with The Crucible of Freya, the sequel to The Wizard's Amulet (available for free at www.necromancergames.com), and Rappan Athuk: The Dungeon of Graves-The Upper Levels. Crucible of Freya and Rappan Athuk will be followed by one adventure supplement release each month from Necromancer Games and White Wolf.

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