Nightshift Games Buys Into D20

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(Irving, TX) - Nightshift Games Publisher Paul Arden Lidberg announced today that Nightshift Games would be publishing a line of "d20" system game products. "We're very excited by the possibilities opened by d20 and use of the Open Game License (OGL,)" said Lidberg. "It's an opportunity to expose a new group of players to the kind of fine games and worlds we've been creating for years."

To emphasize their commitment to d20, Nightshift Games will be releasing not one, not two but three d20 products in November. "We want people to know we're here, and this seemed like the best way," said Lidberg. The three releases will be "The Horror Beneath", "The Foundation" and the Vampire Hunter$ Miniatures Boxed Set.

"The Horror Beneath" is a 32-page fantasy adventure created by Berzerker Press for Nightshift Games. It includes a complete adventure and extensive background on the small village of Scarborough. It is set in the world of Vallkan, which will be the subject of future releases using d20. It also includes a preview of "Black Powder Gods," a spring release set in the same world. The adventure is designed for 4-6 characters of 3-5 levels. Berzerker Press is a new design studio formed in the pursuit of quality d20 material.

"The Foundation: A World In Black & White" is a game of superheroic adventure using the d20 system. Set in modern day, The Foundation will be the first superhero game released using d20. It presents complete and easy to follow rules for heroes, and provides many examples and 2 scenarios. "While it was originally solicited to come out with our own 'Paradigm Shift' system," said Lidberg, "I decided to re-spin the game when the design team showed me what they could do with d20. I'm also very happy to take advantage of the opportunity it presents," he added.

"The Vampire Hunter$ Miniatures Boxed Set" is a compilation of-sorts of the first 8 miniatures released for the Vampire Hunter$ role-playing game. But now it's something more. Included in the package are complete stats for all 8 figures in both the Cinematic Adventure system (which is what VH was written for) as well as d20! Also included are a small map and a scenario for using all the figures. "This makes the product more than just another boxed minis set - it's almost a complete game!" reported Lidberg. "And we didn't increase the price at all to make up for the additional content!"

More products are planned for release in the coming months, including a series of locale books (starting with "Blackwater") and continuing support product for Foundation (including fiction!) and the world of Vallkan (with the release of "Black Powder Gods" in March).

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For additional information on any of these fine products, please contact Paul Lidberg directly at

(c) 2000 Paul Arden Lidberg. Nightshift Games is a division of Crunchy Frog Enterprises. Berzerker Press is a trademark owned by the Berzerker Partners, used under license. "d20" is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast, used under the terms of the D20STL. "The Horror Beneath", "Vampire Hunter$", "Cinematic Adventure", "Paradigm Shift" and Nightshift Games are trademarks of Paul Arden Lidberg, used under license.

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