Emer II : The NorthEast

Written by Terry K. Amthor

Reviewed by Jay Howell, Copyright ©2000

Edited by Suzanne Campbell for The Guild Companion

Welcome back to Emer, my friends! Let's begin our tour of this region of Emer, starting with the Timeline, as we always do. Terry has, of course, added the occurrences that help shape the current events for these countries. We progress onto the climate and inhabitants. Sadistic GM's may want to take particular note of the regional nasties, most notably the Grekka Spider (3'!), the Hemafly, the Solev Kirik (a 3" Mosquito), and the Quarnaks. Rarer occasions can have PCs running into Night Hounds and Storm Hawks in certain areas.

After the flora and fauna have been digested (please excuse the term) we move into the coastal lands of N.E. Emer. This portion of the supplement covers all the off-coast Islands, the Red Cliffs, Praeten, Vog Mur, and Sel Kai. Again, GM's will want to note the information about the Praeteni Pirates, the Free City of Xooba, and the detailed information and map of Vog Mur, home of Vorrig Kye.

From there we move inland to Silaar, investigating the Wastes of Thanor, the Voerken Mire, and Reandor. We also get more history on these areas, and learn that it always pays to bring lots of Bug Spray when going hiking in the Mire! Overall, this isn't an area of adventure that players are going to find enjoyable. Rewarding, most probably, but it will definitely not be enjoyable.

Next, we cover the Kingdom of Lankanok. GMs should make special note of the People/Powers ruling this country. The Xenophobic attitude towards outsiders, and the particularly nasty religion that has become the "official" faith of the Lankani can also count against adventuring groups. Even though this country dislikes outsiders, they are very aggressive and have absorbed the Pochanti Territory. Should this make the Prince of Sel-Kai justifiably nervous? If gaming groups are looking for a long-term campaign, GMs couldn't have asked for a better setting! Adventuring through Lankanok can almost be considered a second "Grand Campaign".

Let's move south now, and discuss Nuyan-Khom. Here we have a country that has a social structure based on Clans. Female gamers will like this area of Emer, since women are given equality by law. These people believe in their cultural superiority and are obsequiously polite to outsiders. Notable personas include the third son of the Hutarn, who is now disowned by his family and travels with Randae Terisonen.

Speaking of Superiority and culture, we come to Namar-Tol, the Island Republic of the Loar Elves. All intelligent beings know that the Elves are superior to them in every way. *Cough cough* PCs can look forward to being snubbed or looked down upon for their non-elven blood. Even half-elves can expect this treatment while in Namar-Tol. Even though the elves have brisk trade with the outside world, the have only opened a small number of port cities to outsiders.

Which brings us to Ardania, the City of Gold, where all people are welcome. Gold can be earned in large quantities by the intrepid and unscrupulous adventurer. Many devious schemes are buried beneath the glittering facade of this city-state. Plotting could almost be considered a way of survival in Ardania. Adventurers will find that this city holds a temple to virtually every major deity of Orhan and Charon. GMs should investigate this area fully before running an adventure here. Special GM attention should be given to the Ruling Powers and the Order of The Eye. Many are the people hiding behind a mask in this city, "The Sleuth GM" can uncover the truth and then drag their players into scores of differing campaigns.

The end of Emer II: The NorthEast, contains some mini-adventures and several maps. Most of the maps are new and include local detail for some of the territories covered by the adventures.

Overall, this supplement is another must-have resource of Shadow World information for GMs. By the way, if you think Terry patterned the "Five Troubadours" after a specific music group, you may be right! *grins* Just check out his web-page and all will be revealed.

Happy Gaming!

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