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Words from the Wise (Guys) - R.C. Kirkland, Jr.
Rich Kirkland, our RMSS/RMFRP Editor, introduces our Special Issue on the Sea, reflecting on its mysteries and its call


The Phantom Islands - Aaron Thorne
There are many adventures to be had on the islands in your world; assuming your players can find them

Press Release

Press Release: Decipher Acquires Coveted License for The Lord of the Rings - Decipher Games

Press Release: Decipher Expands Star Trek License - Decipher Games


A Fistful of Doubloons - Nicholas HM Caldwell
A Run out the Guns! Scenario suitable for convention or campaign games

Aratir Falas - Jonathan Dale
The Aratir Falas are the Grey Elf guardians of the havens and the shores. A Grey Elf Racial TP and spell list for RMSS and RMFRP

Curses of Shaal - Matthew Hanson
A new Priest Base spell list of divine retribution upon desecrators of the sea. Usable with RMSS and RMFRP

Sailor of Shaal - Matthew Hanson
A new Priest Base spell list which will grant devout worshippers divine abilities in sailing and shiphandling. Usable with RMSS and RMFRP

Sea Diver TP - Rich Kirkland
A new training package and associated spell list for those who would explore the depths. Usable with both RMSS and RMFRP

Sea Spells - R.C. Kirkland and A. Scott Moore
Spell Interpretations for Underwater Adventures. Usable with RMSS and RMFRP

Underwater Survival - A. Scott Moore
The essential guide to surviving beneath the waves for all GMs and players interested in sea-based campaigns.

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