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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
The latest news on the aftermath of ICE's demise plus what the Editor plans to do next!

d20 System

Power Point Magic - D. Andrew Ferguson
Rules variant for spellcasting using power points rather than spell memorisation. Usable with the d20 System


A Tale of the Fragment Worlds - Chapter 6 - Marc Gilbert
Dazrii and her companions face deadly danger from above.


Against the Shadow Strategy Guide - Part Two - Nigel Buckle
An in-depth critique of the Hero and Minion specific cards in this MECCG expansion, detailing which cards matter and how best to use them


Review: Visualizing Middle-Earth - Chris Seeman
A review (by the Editor of Other Hands) of a collection of essays on the inner workings of Middle-Earth

Press Release

Press Release: Battles with Miniatures 5 Available Now - i-Kore Games

Press Release: Decipher Games gains Lord of the Rings RPG License - Decipher Games

Press Release: Fractal Terrains Update and Demo Software - ProFantasy Software Ltd

Press Release: News from Tyranny Games - Tyranny Games


Review: All Flesh Must Be Eaten - Randy Campbell
A thorough playtest review (with adventure ideas) of Eden Studios' Origins Award nominated RPG

Review: Shadow World Master Atlas Third Edition - Jay A. Howell
The completely revised and extended magnum opus for Shadow World by Terry Amthor

Review: Star Wars: The Queen's Gambit - Nigel Buckle
Relive the climax of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in this exciting boardgame


New Weapon Table - Ball and Chain - Norman Schaschke and Raymond Ward
A second brand-new Arms Law-style weapon attack table for those who need that extra realism. In PDF format. Usable with all editions of Rolemaster

Using the Arcane Alchemist - Rich Kirkland
Guidelines for using this new profession to best effect. Usable with both RMSS and RMFRP

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