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News from Tyranny Games

Press Release


(Wauwatosa, WI, February 26, 2001)- Tyranny Games, a game company from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, announces the upcoming release of its new tabletop strategy game: Sack Armies. Sack Armies: Expeditionary Force will be released August 1, 2001 and will premiere at the 2001 Gen Con in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Expeditionary Force marks the first installment in the Sack Armies series with Sack Armies: Colonization due out in December of 2001 and Sack Armies: Fortification in Spring of 2002.

Sack Armies: Expeditionary Force is set in a fantasy world where rival Generals create armies to explore a newly opened continent known as the Tangle. Players become Generals and choose their armies from diverse races including the haughty Fey Court, the resilient human Empire, the brutal Scourge Orcs, the dark Nether Sisters, and the reptilian Shazari. After mixing in powerful Magic and Maneuvers to form an army of between 16 and 36 tokens, Generals face off using Tyranny Games' unique Two Flip game system and Virtual Battleground setup. "We believe that players will find the strategy in Sack Armies extremely challenging," said Tyranny Games President Joseph Tierney. "Although fast and easy to learn, Sack Armies provides for many levels of complexity."

Sack Armies: Expeditionary Force consists of 120 individual collectible game tokens. These hexagonal game tokens feature original artwork generated by Tyranny Games staff of fifteen artists. Expeditionary Force will be sold in packs containing 42 randomly sorted tokens at a retail price of $11.95, and boosters containing 18 randomly sorted tokens at a retail price of $4.95.

In Tyranny Games second installment in the Sack Armies series, Sack Armies: Colonization, Generals will become ruling Warlords attempting to build a successful Colony while competing against rampaging Expeditionary Forces and rival Colonies. Sack Armies: Colonization will feature a whole new style of play, including the addition of new races, buildings, and resource gathering. Sack Armies: Fortification, due in late spring of 2002, will focus on siege warfare.


(Wauwatosa, WI, March 8, 2001)- Tyranny Games announces its acquisition of Non-Sequitur Productions and its products, the fantasy role-playing game Of Gods & Men and campaign supplement Cults & Conspiracies.

Of Gods and Men is a complete fantasy role-playing game system with over 320 pages featuring 250 original spells, ten schools of magic and a wealth of new campaign and character information. On its release, Of Gods & Men received critical acclaim for its excellent treatment of magic and spell reagents. Of Gods & Men is available now from Tyranny Games.

Cults & Conspiracies is an supplement for any fantasy role playing game with 128 pages detailing secret societies and cults for use in campaigns or adventures. Cults & Conspiracies was designed for use with the Of Gods & Men fantasy role playing game but is an excellent supplement for any campaign. Cults & Conspiracies is available now from Tyranny Games.

Tyranny Games is pleased to add these products to its growing lineup.


(Wauwatosa, WI, March 12, 2001)- Tyranny Games announces its acquisition of the assets of Scapegoat Games, an Illinois game company, and its products, including the post-biblical apocalypse role-playing game, The End.

The End is well known for its groundbreaking role as the first post-apocalypse role-playing game based on the Book of Revelations. On its release, The End received critical acclaim for its bleak setting and creative background material. Its designer, Joseph Donka, will join Tyranny Games staff as a game designer.

Tyranny Games plans to release a deluxe revised edition of The End in late 2001. Tyranny Games plans to follow the release of the deluxe edition with the D.C. supplement Cry Havoc and the magic supplement The Dark Arts in 2002.


(Wauwatosa, WI, March 28, 2001)- Tyranny Games soon to be released new tabletop wargame Sack Armies: Expeditionary Force made its successful debut at the 2001 Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) convention in Las Vegas, NM March 19-22, 2001. The revolutionary game system, based on hexagonal collectible tokens, was widely praised as innovative and unique by retailers, distributors, and manufacturers alike. "We were overwhelmed by the response we received," said Martin Tierney, Executive Vice President of Tyranny Games, "The artwork and demonstration games really drew people in."

In response to the widespread interest, Tyranny Games has elected to accelerate the release of Sack Armies: Expeditionary Force to June 2001. Sack Armies: Colonization and Sack Armies: Fortification will remain on schedule for release in December of 2001 and Spring of 2002 respectively.

Tyranny Games can be contacted via email at Tyranny Games invites you to visit its website at Tyranny Games mailing address is 804 Robertson Street, Wauwatosa, WI 53213.

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