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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
The RoCoCoCon Report

d20 System

d20 Diseases: Part 1 - Bacterial Infections - D. Andrew Ferguson
Game statistics for a selection of diseases. Usable with the d20 System

Martial Arts System - Tim Dugger
New feats, maneuvers and abilities for the martial arts master. Bring martial arts to life in your games. Usable with the d20 System


Teachings of the Arcane: Responsibility - Ryan Span
A little learning is a very dangerous thing.


Diseases in RPGs Part 1: Introduction to Disease - D. Andrew Ferguson
From the common cold to the Black Death, disease is the great leveller. This article consider bacterial infections. Usable with any RPG. Contains Rolemaster-specific notes.


MIDDLE-EARTH: THE WHITE HAND GUIDE: Part 1 - Pierre Jonas Castillo
The first part of this strategy guide considers each of the Fallen Wizards of Middle-earth and their related cards


Rolemaster Professions in MERP: Rolemaster Companions IV through VI - Anthony Almeida
A comprehensive look at the suitability of later RM2 Companion professions for Middle-Earth


The Pirates Campaign - Robert Wenner
A series of nine linked scenarios forming a complete Ready to Run fantasy piracy mini-campaign set in the world of Midgard


Improved Attack Backfire Table - J. L. Johnson (Grendal)
An alternate Attack Spell Backfire table. Boom today, boom tomorrow.

Last Duty - Brett Nash
A Ready to Run Adventure. This flexible sequel to Unholy Horde can be used with RMSS/RMFRP

New Weapon Table - The Foil - Norman Schaschke and Raymond Ward
A fifth brand-new Arms Law-style weapon attack table for those who need that extra realism. In PDF format. Usable with all editions of Rolemaster

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