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Final Duty

Copyright Brett Nash ©2001

Edited by Rich Kirkland for The Guild Companion


This adventure takes place after the Unholy Horde adventure. This adventure presentation leaves lots of room for the GM to tailor the situations and challenge level to fit his group's party.


Eighty-seven years ago the Duke of Ravens Rock - Duke Farqushan - disappeared while out riding. Eighty-seven years later his personal guard arrives in Andrina to get help. Eighty-seven years after he died.

The players must seek out the remains of the duke to allow the valiant guard to have his final rest.


This game has been run by two groups. In both cases they spent a bit of time working out what to do with the undead in the garden. More encounters can be thrown in at will, especially with goblins, which are common in the area. This adventure sets up a lot of hooks for future adventures considering its length.

Additional encounters could come from deranged cultists near the shrine as well.

Its out there, I tell ye!

PCs in Tavern.
The PCs hear a traveler say he heard strange noises in the mountains. (to the west). He swears he heard a voice say "Help is on its way, My Lord"

A kid comes in and tries to sell the PCs a bow. He wants at least a bronze for it. (though he will settle for a copper.) It's a Long bow with a slight bit of recurve. It is a bit muddy, but it doesn't appear to have rotted at all. (This is a hook for a future adventure)

A farmer comes in complaining that his animals seem awfully quiet tonight.

The end of a long journey

A farmer (same one as last night) runs into town and grabs one of the PCs - "There's one of those things in my yard!" And starts to drag him out (you killed them last time)
The town priest has gone to Greater Andrina for a few days.
The guards will respectfully ask that the PCs handle it. They know about Undead - don't they? (assuming they have played Unholy Horde)

Journeys End

The skeletal remains of a guardsman crawls through a paddock.
He drags himself forward about a foot, then collapses for about 3 minutes If someone get close they can hear him whisper "Busk get..." each time he drags himself forward he collapses again and repeats this phrase.
The remains of an arrow protrude from his back, holding a single tattered piece of leather to his back (the remains of his armor)
His helmet is similar to Narks (the goblin from Unholy Horde)
It is easy to see where he came from, but the trail soon disappears into the woods to the west.
Any character with a decent level of local knowledge will know where Busk Pass is - about 4 hours to the west. As the crow flies the way is virtually impossible with a shear cliff to climb. The road takes about 4 hours.

Dark Stone

The PCs have been travelling for about 2 hours.
One of the characters hears a sound in the woods.
Following the sound, they discover no one but find a small valley, surrounded almost totally by cliffs. The whole area is no more then 100' across. There is thick vegetation all around the outside of the clearing.
There are signs of recent use, trampled grass, upturned dirt and the like but there is no one around at the moment.
In the center of the valley lies a large black stone. It is shaped roughly like a right triangle, although the shape is quite rough.
Small runes are carved into the stone.
The stone is hot to the touch and will burn if a hand is held to it too long.
Even though the pain from the stone gets incredibly hot the player will be unable to disengage without help.
No vegetation grows within a foot of the stone.
It is an altar to a dark spirit. People come here to worship once a month.
This is a clue for a later adventure (Night Comes)
There is a small cave hidden by a waiting visual illusion.


About an hour after the PCs pass the strange clearing.
The PCs may notice something up ahead behind a rock.
A man in ragged clothes springs out from behind a rock
"Aha - think you've got me hey! Well, take this!" and he throws a dagger at the lead PC...
He will then attack with his bare hands.
He escaped from being sacrificed on the altar in the previous scene. His lover, who was a participant in the sacrifice, recognized and tried to save him. She is now the next sacrifice and is currently locked in the cave. (This is concluded in the adventure Night Comes)
He will fight anyone to the death, who attempts to take him anywhere.
His sanity will never return naturally.

Avalanche and Ambush

The players are approaching Busk pass, when a rain of small stones lands on their head.
>From a small cave 20 feet above them two goblins are throwing stones.
Another is pushing a larger stone from the cave entrance down towards a collection of other stones held in place by some sticks.
The large stone will cause small avalanche doing a +50 Fall/Crush if the players don't run.
When the battle ends one of the players will see a figure moving down below...

Misguided Loyalty

About 100' down a nearly straight cliff there is a skeletal figure patrolling with a limp.
As the players approach, he shouts at them to go away.
``Thieves hey, I'll show you...'' and he attacks.
If the players have any official symbol from the duke and they present it to the guardsman he will simply drop to ashes. A loud sigh will be heard, and a feeling of peace will come across the players. Otherwise they will have to kill him again in a few minutes.
After they defeat the skeleton, they can see an arm sticking out from under a large stone. On the finger of the hand is a ring. It has the Ducal symbol on it - a Raven perched upon a large stone.

Rescuing the Duke

To free the body will take about 2 hours of digging and hard work. Creativity may help.
After the players have been working for a while any remaining goblins will attack again.

A heroes welcome?

The PCs return to town and present the body to the authorities. (with the ring hopefully).
They will be thanked heartily.
One of the town guards will be riding to the main castle tonight to hand over the ring to the duke. If it's not a fake they will be richly rewarded. Unfortunately the Duke's new advisor, Sir Darenth, has heard of the PCs. He will be whispering dark things about them in his ear. When he is seen at the night ceremony there will be hell to pay...

Appendix A. People

The Madman

Formerly a farmer, Glethroe was married to Anita. One night he went out for a walk and never returned. The cult to the dark god that meets monthly in the hills had selected him for the next sacrifice.

On the night of his supposed doom, a woman in the town, with whom he had had an affair, saw him and tried to save him. He managed to escape, but she was selected as the next victim as punish ment for her transgressions. Unfortunately the tortures inflicted upon him have driven him mad.

Level: 2Size: MMS/AQ: MD/MD (+0)
Base Move: 35 Max Pace: FSpt MM Bonus: +5
AT(DB)1(10)Crits: -- Treasure: --
Attacks: 20 Rank 1 Strikes; 20 Thrown Dagger
Outlook (IQ): Insane(AA)

Appendix B. Monsters

Level: 2Size: MMS/AQ: SL/MD (+0)
Base Move: 45 Max Pace: FSpt MM Bonus: +0
AT(DB)8(5)Crits: -- Treasure: *
Attacks: 40 Dagger / 20 Sling
Outlook (IQ): Aggressive(AA)
Hits:Pusher: 45/Thrower A: 40/Thrower B: 35

Class I Undead
Level: 1Size: MMS/AQ: VS/SL (-4)
Base Move: 40 Max Pace: Run MM Bonus: +0
AT(DB)1(10)Crits: I # Treasure: a
Attacks: 25 Small Bash
Outlook (IQ): Driven(NO)
Hits:Guard: 25/ Rescuer: 25

Appendix C. Items and Magics


III a.1 Bow
An unusual looking longbow. It is about 10% larger than a normal bow, and has slight recurve to it. Although there are signs of mud i n the notches as if it was cleaned quickly, the condition of the wood is excellent. It is a slightly unusual colour, a blue-ish sheen to an otherwise white wood. It is light to hold, and seems extremely strong, with the right amount of flexibility.

+20 Non-Magical
Material Unknown
Breakage: 1
Strength: 95
Weight: 2 lbs

The Goblins Cave

III b.1 Money:
Found amongst the cave are the following coins:

15 ip
110 bp
3 sp

III b.2 Tent
For some unknown reason this tent has been pitched within the cave. In it are the goblins bedding piles and some other items. It is a 2 man canvas tent
Worth 12sp new, 45 lbs, 5'x6'x4'

III b.3 Bow
A standard looking bow. One end has some strange markings, and the bowstring is missing.

Strength: 85
Breakage Numbers: 1,2
Fumble: 05

III b.4 Quiver
There is a quiver containing 7 arrows. 6 of the arrows are identical, each made of an extremely thin shaft, which makes them light. -15 strength.

The seventh appears to be of normal construction. Except along the shaft is written in the common tongue the word `Sleep'. Also the notch has a piece of string which makes it obvious by feel alone. It is magical having a single use charge of Sleep on it. The target of the arrow on a successful hit must make a an RR vs a 5th level attack or fall asleep. (first round cannot be awakened - 2nd level mentalist spell - Mind Control List). One charge

III b.5 Hefty Dagger
A crude looking dagger, but extremely heavy. The shape and weighting feels right, but the dagger is q uite heavy. It bears no unique marks except for its extra weight.

1.5 lbs
Breakage: 1,2,3,4,5,6
Str: 95
Fumble: 01

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