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A Festive Themed MECCG Deck

Copyright Nigel Buckle ©2001

Edited by Nigel Buckle for The Guild Companion


This article details a (vaguely) festive theme deck I've designed for play against heroes. As a theme deck it may not be quite as competitive as some. I've yet to try the deck in a tournament environment so it may require some tuning.

Given the limitations of the cards the theme is a bit thin: Elves, a White Tree, snow, 3 kings (well knights of the prince and a couple of Sellswords) and some surprises (for your opponent).

The resource strategy is Elves on the coast, while the hazard is roadblock (Snowstorm/Beorning Skin Changers). You could change the palantir for Orcrist or Wormsbane to make the deck more competitive, but baubles are festive.

Character Draft


Minor Items

Elf Stone, Horn of Anor

With an ideal starting company being:

Cirdan (with Horn of Anor)
Glorfindel (with Elf Stone) controlling

Stay as one company until additional character(s) can be played, move to the coast as soon as possible and stay on the coast (and adjacent regions) for the entire game.

Character Pool

Pallando (x2), Alatar and some unused characters from the draft.

Resources (30)

A Chance Meeting
A Friend or Three (x3)
Belegaer (x2)
Elves of Lindon
Great Ship (x3)
Hundreds of Butterflies (x2)
Knights of Dol Amroth
Lindion the Oronín
Long bottom Leaf (x2)
Men of Anfalas
Noble Hound
Palantir of Amon Sul
Promptings of Wisdom
Risky Blow (x3)
Sapling of the White Tree
Scroll of Isildur
Smoke Rings (x2)
Woses of Old Pukel-Land

Hazards (30) * indicates Creatures & Creatures

*Bairanax Ahunt
*Beorning Skin Changers (x3)
*Cave Drake (x3)
*Corsairs of Umbar (x2)
*Itangast Ahunt
*Knights of the Prince
*Mouth of Sauron
*Sellswords Between Charters (x2)
*Smaug Ahunt
An Unexpected Outpost (x3)
Doors of Night (x3)
Revealed to all Watchers
Shadow of Mordor (x2)
Snowstorm (x3)
Twilight (x2)

The hazards are designed to slow down most resource strategies the Shadow of Mordor does not affect this deck so much as the card draws for coastal sites are either 2/2 (and you just elect to draw one card) or 1/1, but is great against the popular hero speed decks which use a short-rest to burn through the deck as fast as possible.

Sideboard (partial)

Align Palantir (x2)
Dreams of Lore
Eagle Mounts (x2)
Marvels Told (x3)
Nenselde the Wingild
Palantir of Minas Tirith
The Southrons
The White Tree

This is only part of the sideboard just listing the cards I would expect to sideboard in with Smoke Rings/Long Bottom Leaf and at the end of the first deck cycle depending on the hazard strategy my opponent is playing. You definitely want the White Tree, the others will depend on the particular game you are playing. Eagle Mounts are useful once you have Lindion the Oronin in play. The Palantir of Minas Tirith is to make the trip to Minas Tirith to plant the White Tree even more lucrative (you could use one of the factions instead). The align palantir cards are for extra MPs from your palantir (store them at the earliest opportunity, the deck isn't designed to actually use them).

As for hazards, some anti-one ring cards are needed, although the Beorning Skin Changers should give 4 hobbit companies enough problems. The sideboard also needs hazards to target companies using shadow-lands/dark domains (avoiding the snowstorms), visiting Shadow-holds and dark-holds or actively using the under-deeps as you have limited creature coverage for those areas. Other cards are going to depend on the types of deck you expect to meet in your local play environment. You can use the Unexpected Outposts to sideboard in appropriate hazards or recycle those hazards in the deck giving your opponent the most problems.

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