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Words from the Wise (Guys)

An Editorial Rant


To the thirty-fourth issue of The Guild Companion. Those of you with long memories or who venture deep into our archives (via the Scrolls of Wisdom links) will know that this is our third birthday! Yes, the first issue of The Guild Companion was published back in December 1998. There have been many changes in the magazine in terms of our look, our content, and in our staff since those early days. We hope that we have become more professional and more polished while still supporting your gaming needs. We hope to continue to entertain, inform, and amuse you for the forseeable future.

The Future of Rolemaster and Spacemaster

The bankruptcy court met in session on November 19, 2001 to sell ICE's remaining intellectual property and associated inventory. John Seal's proposed bid of 42,500 US Dollars was countered by an upset bid from Stephen Lee. The proceedings quickly became an auction with John Seal eventually winning with a final bid of 78,000 US Dollars.

An investment banker himself, John Seal sought experienced industry professionals to form the nucleus of a new operating company. He appointed Bruce Neidlinger to be the master licensee of ICE's intellectual property - Bruce has since formed a new company "Phoenix" with some other former ICE employees, rehabilitated the ICE website, and restarted the company. A complete press release on the new incarnation of ICE can be found in this month's issue.

Rolemaster, Spacemaster, and Silent Death fans can now complete their collections by ordering products directly from ICE. Negotiations are already underway to purchase the unpublished Spacemaster manuscripts from Robert Defendi, so Spacemaster fans can hope to see the "Vehicle Manual" and others at long last. New Rolemaster products are expected in time for the summer convention season while existing (but out-of-print) RMSS books may be reincarnated in RMFRP editions. An attempt is also being made to license back Silent Death. With firm financial backing and a final end to the entanglements with Tolkien Enterprises, the reincarnated ICE has the promise of a bright future.

License Renewed?

Careful readers will have noticed a distinct lack of Rolemaster and Spacemaster articles in this month's issue. Although The Guild Companion published for both systems throughout the Chapter 7 bankruptcy period to support their fans, it would be churlish to continue without gaining a formal reinstatement of our licence to publish original content based on ICE product lines. A proposal has already been submitted but our deadline for this issue arrived sooner than ICE's response. Normal service should be resumed in our January 2002 issue.

Farewell (for now ...)

Our next issue will appear in January 2002, but until then ...

Keep gaming and have fun!
Nicholas HM Caldwell
General Editor for The Guild Companion

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