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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
The General Editor reports on the latest news on the future for Rolemaster and Spacemaster, and discusses the challenges posed by the d20 System


A Tale of the Fragment Worlds - Chapter 5 - Marc Gilbert
Dazrii and her companions begin to suspect the reason for the mutations encountered in explorations of their Fragment.


MERP: the simple rulez - Introduction - George Chatzipetros
A fast and easy to learn complete RPG system for playing in Middle Earth

The Watcher of Carn Dm - Craig Pay
The second part of the 'Fire and Ice' Ready-to-Run Adventure series. Usable with MERP and Rolemaster

Press Release

Press Release: d20 Nasty, Brutish and Short - Columbia Games

Press Release: FASA Closes Its Doors - FASA Corporation

Press Release: Games Workshop Secures Lord of the Rings Licensing Deal - Games Workshop

Press Release: i-Kore's 1st Anniversary - i-Kore Games Ltd

Press Release: Rolemaster Investment Group - Rolemaster Investment Group

Press Release: The Future of Earthdawn (after FASA) - Living Room Games

Press Release: The Future of Vor (after FASA) - Mike 'Skuzz' Nielsen

Press Release: WizKids to Acquire Shadowrun and BattleTech Properties - WizKid Games


The Lord of the Rings Boardgame, a Review Revisited - Nigel Buckle
A hard look at the replayability of this game, suggestions for enhancing it, and top tips on how to vanquish Sauron!


Animal Reality - Rich Kirkland
With this Arcane Alchemist Base List, caster may alter animal natures for good or ill. Usable with both RMSS and RMFRP

Sentient Reality - Rich Kirkland
This Arcane Alchemist Base List provides the eldritch powers necessary to create and transform minds. Usable with both RMSS and RMFRP

Vegetable Reality - Rich Kirkland
An Arcane Alchemist Base List which grants its wielders exotic powers over plants and trees. Usable with both RMSS and RMFRP

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