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Rolemaster Investment Group

Press Release


The Rolemaster Investment Group effort led by Karl Foelsche and Stephen Lee will shortly offer a bid for the IP Rights to the Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing game system. If you are interested in owning part of a new RPG company, If you are interested in making a difference in the RPG Industry, If you want to keep a high quality RPG alive, in print, and available for improvement then now is the time to take action.

Recently, the assets of Iron Crown Enterprises, Inc. including the Rolemaster RPG were placed in the hands of a court appointed bankruptcy trustee. Normally what a trustee does is sell off the assets to the highest bidder. In this case, this is also true, and the rights to publish the Rolemaster RPG, along with the existing inventory of manuals, books, and accessories will be sold to the highest bidder in a few weeks.

All of us who have played, and enjoyed this game over the years have gathered together to form an investment group to purchase the rights to print and distribute the Rolemaster RPG. We are going to make a bid. We want to win the bid. We are welcoming you to join us in winning.

We want you, who have not played this game, the opportunity at the very least to experience this game, and our efforts revolve around that. We are here to offer you a unique opportunity. This is a limited time opportunity. Once the trustees have decided the fate of the Rolemaster RPG the wheels will be in motion with no turning back. We would like that fate to be for the benefit of gamers, and in the hands of the gamers as well.

Because times are changing, and the nature of the role-playing game industry is changing, we are changing our approach to publishing in the RPG Industry. Too many good games have been taken off the shelf in recent years. Too many good games, and publications, have been lost in corporate mergers, in bankruptcy proceedings, in the lack of following up to ensure awareness of the wonderful entertainment available. There are role-playing games that have been buried by executives who never even played the game they condemned. They say too many games and supplements have been published in recent years. Nonsense we say. Not enough good quality games and supplements have been published. There are more gamers now, than at any time before. They are buying games, and gaming supplements in record numbers.

You may ask yourself Why should you invest with us? We have a sales and marketing plan. We have a distribution plan. We have goals for improving the Rolemaster RPG.

We have an opportunity for you to benefit from all of this as well. You will get to benefit with returns on your investment. You will get to benefit by being part of an enterprise that is committed to making a better RPG. You get to benefit by seeing continued diversity and availability in the RPG market. We want you to help make the difference in the RPG industry.

From our view on the hill, All around us is the dark host. We know we are outnumbered, We know some of our enemies have better weapons. We cannot see far, for right now, there is only the dark host of neglect, despair, carelessness, failure, greed, and fear all around us. Our enemies are many, and some of them are formless. Rally around our standard, and join us in our charge to break through to the light. We are gathering our horses, and readying our weapons and preparing all the magic we can muster. The sun will shine on us the day we ride into the dark host. Our leader has made the call to arms, and with just a few more valiant warriors, clerics, and mages, we can win the day and rout the darkness.

Our battle, the one we accept of our own free will, is to keep a good RPG in the hands where it belongs. In the hands of the gamers, and the gaming community. Join us, and be a party to that.

For more investment information point your web browser to: http://www.ironcrown.org

Or contact one of the following people via telephone or via email

Karl Foelsche < kfoelsch@coin.org >
Stephen Lee < stephen7@netscape.net > Ph: 303-920-8886
Dirk Collins < res04tzu@gte.net > Ph: 765-935-0277
Greg Pearson < gregpearson@earthlink.net >

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