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The Future of Earthdawn (after FASA)

Press Release

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Yesterday, January 25, FASA Corporation announced that after April of this year, they will be closing their doors.

The big question for us (and probably for you if you're reading this) is what does this mean for LRG and Earthdawn? Well, as soon as I heard about this situation, I got on the phone with FASA and discussed this very issue.

Because FASA will continue to exist as a Corporation, and Earthdawn is not one of the intellectual properties that they are selling, our license contract with FASA will continue uninterrupted.

So, I guess sort of surprisingly, the news is that for LRG, there is no news. We will continue with business as normal, and it's full steam ahead for Earthdawn 2nd Edition and our other 2001 products. Unless something truly catastrophic happens, we are still looking at a Spring release for the Earthdawn 2nd Edition main rulebook.

Thanks for everyone's concerns who frantically E-mailed us worrying about LRG and Earthdawn.

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