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The Future of Vor (after FASA)

Press Release

VOR Fans,

By now most of you guys (and gals) on this list have probably heard the bad news about FASA closing their doors. For those that haven't heard about this yet then I'm sorry I'm the harbinger of that bit of news. I want to let All the VOR fans out there know that VOR IS NOT GOING TO DIE! In no way shape or form is FASA closing going to stop the VOR game from existing. When I sold FASA the VOR game I had a clause inserted into the contract that specifically addresses this situation. What this means is that ALL rights to VOR will immediately revert back to me the second that FASA closes its doors officially. This means that VOR will continue on so you should not despair.

Right now I have a number of options that I can take for VOR's future and details have to be worked out and decisions have to be made. I wanted to let you know this as soon as I could so that none of you would panic, because you shouldn't. In many ways this could mean very good things for VOR but we'll have to see. I will let everyone know what's going on as soon as things get finalised over the next few weeks. Keep your eyes on thewarp.net for updates on this situation because I'll be keeping Lordbunny current on everything. Thanks for having so much fun with VOR while it was here at FASA, and I truly hope that all of you will stay with VOR as it jumps to a new home. Just please be patient. Sincerely,

Mike "Skuzz" Nielsen,
(VOR Creator/Developer/Guardian)

PS- You should still be able to contact me via this email [skuzz@fasa.com] for many weeks to come in case you want to get in touch with me. Any interesting job offers (especially ones that don't require me to relocate) are always welcome. Thanks.

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