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WizKids to Acquire Shadowrun and BattleTech Properties

Press Release

Jenny Trisko

CHICAGO, IL January 26, 2001 - WizKids has entered into an agreement, subject to due diligence, to acquire the well known BattleTech and Shadowrun properties from FASA corporation. Both WizKids and FASA are pleased that these special properties will be in the capable hands of their co-creator, WizKids CEO Jordan Weisman. WizKids will also acquire other FASA properties as well as certain assets of long time miniature creator, Ral Partha.

"WizKids has enormous respect for FASA and its pioneering role in the gaming industry. We are saddened by FASA ceasing product development, but at the same time excited to have been entrusted with games and universes that mean a great deal to us. At this time, we have not co-ordinated a plan to develop the FASA properties and must ask for your patience as we develop the best strategy for those product lines."
Says CEO Weisman.

WizKids recently launched Mage Knight, the new game which introduced pre-painted miniatures on a unique base that incorporates all of the character's statistics.

WizKids is excited about developing these properties and we will keep the gaming public informed as things develop.

About Wizkids

Wizkids is a brand new company with a 20-year history of making great games as it is descended from the long time industry leading FASA Corporation. Founded by Jordan Weisman, Wizkids is a Chicago-based game developer and publisher dedicated to creating a new genre of fantasy games that is at once more accessible but also deeper and more sophisticated than traditional fantasy adventure genres.

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