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Fire and Ice
Part II - The Watcher of Carn Dûm

A scenario for Middle Earth Role-playing

Copyright ©2001 Craig Pay
Edited for The Guild Companion by Joe Mandala, February 2001


PDF version
This scenario requires the Angmar sourcebook.
[Editor's Note: All material relating to the Angmar sourcebook is from 2nd Edition Angmar, 1995, and is copyright Graham Staplehurst and Heike Kubasch.]
The events take place in the winter at the end of the year 3013 and follow the events that took place in Fire and Ice Part I - The Horn of Nimraug.


The Great Northern Wars of 1975 signified not only the end of the Dunedain Kingdom of Arthedain in Arnor, but also that of the Witch King's Realm of Angmar. With the fall of the Angmar's capital at Carn Dûm came the withdrawal of the Nine members of the dark cult of Mor-sereg (Q. "Black Blood") away from ancient Angmar and South towards Mordor: all that is, save one soul, Camthalion the immortal Avari who moved only a short distance East to the town of Litash-Ishi-Durbaz.
A thousand years later and Sauron sent word to his loyal servants to search for 'that which was lost', the One Ring. For the Nine nights after Camthalion received the message he repeatedly dreamed of his ancient home, Carn Dûm, and of a green lidless eye surrounded by blood soaked leaves. Taking this as a sign, on the tenth day Camthalion gathered together eight of his loyal followers to form a new Mor-sereg, his very own Cult of the Black Blood and together they set out for Carn Dûm.
At Carn Dûm Camthalion and his followers immediately ran afoul of a small resident tribe of Orcs. After many skirmishes Camthalion and the Orcs come to an agreement, the Orcs would have the Back Door and lower tunnels, while Camthalion and his Mor-sereg would have the upper caverns and safe passage through the lower tunnels to the Inner Gate. Over the next few years Camthalion gradually became Master of this Orcish tribe and they in turn prospered and grew in size under their new Master's watchful eye.

3013, The present day

It is now several score years later and Camthalion, calling himself 'The Watcher of Carn Dûm', has established his own spy network across Northern Ardor and the Southern end of the Northern Wastes, his desperation for quality 'employees' creating a mish-mash of all sorts of different races from Lossoth to meandering spirits. Like Saruman, Camthalion imagines finding the One Ring for himself and ruling Middle Earth as Lord of the Rings!
Meanwhile Mûrazōr, the Witch King and Leader of the Nazgûl, receives a 'waking dream' in which he hears a voice telling him that an artefact once lost has now been found, in the frozen lands to the North he once ruled. Could this be the One Ring? A powerful local contact of his, Camthalion, has reported nothing to him. However, Mûrazōr has been unsure of Camthalion's loyalties for some time now, so decides to send in one of his more loyal servants, Konihrabn, to spy on Camthalion.
So the three-way intrigue begins. Camthalion the Big-Bad-Guy and the Mor-sereg cult, the PCs as the outnumbered Good-Guys and Konihrabn the lone Dark Spy versus pretty much everyone else.

GM's introduction

The PCs are now chasing after Kylmyyskala (Lo. 'Cold Fish') who, having stolen the smaller of the two palantíri (that of Amon Sûl) from Nimraug's cave, is now riding as fast as she can on her White Warg towards her master, The Watcher of Carn Dûm.
Along with her flies Dīndae the spirit wraith to act as both guide and protector. Due to Dīndae's vulnerability to sunlight, and not to mention Kylmyyskala's wish to stay as hidden as possible, they travel at night, the Warg's keen eyes guiding them through the treacherous lands of Angmar.
Kylmyyskala suspects that she may be followed and wishes to get to Carn Dûm as soon as possible. She believes her master, the Watcher, may be able to use the palantír to reveal whether she is pursued and if so may even be willing to help ambush her pursuers.
As they near Carn Dûm, Dīndae flies on ahead to announce Kylmyyskala's presence to its master, the Watcher. Arriving at the main gate to Carn Dûm, Kylmyyskala is welcomed by the Watchers' guards and escorted into the fortress.
Granted an immediate audience with Camthalion, Kylmyyskala presents the palantír to him. Immensely pleased with the gift, Camthalion immediately grants Kylmyyskala a place within his newly formed Mor-sereg. As the cult only ever has Nine members he has to eject one of the other members, a Black Ranger named Farrenar who has not been performing his duties as well as he should recently. Camthalion orders Dāgûlrog his Black Troll bodyguard to beat the miscreant and eject him from the Middle Gate.
Camthalion then takes the palantír away to study.

The Journey

It is 250 miles East from Mulkan to Carn Dûm. With the freshly fallen snow much of the terrain is treacherous and is considered Rough for movement rates.
For Kylmyyskala and her Warg tirelessly travelling up to 16 hours every night this journey takes only 7 days. The Warg travels at a Fast Ride rate over Rough ground for a rate of 10 miles per 4-hour period for a total of 40 miles per day.
Travelling at a steady but more careful rate the PCs make the journey in 12 days. The PCs travel at Jog/Walk rate over Rough ground for a rate of 7 miles per 4-hour period, for 12 hours per day this gives a total of 21 miles per day.
Thus, the PCs arrive in Carn Dûm 5 days after Kylmyyskala still yet safe from the prying sight of the palantír whose powers still remain untapped by Camthalion.

Player's introduction

Read the following introduction to the players...
It is 12 days since you watched Kylmyyskala, the Dark Lossoth henkinimittäjä or 'spirit namer', flee into the snowy Wastes on her White Warg with the stolen palantír hidden beneath her furred robes. Leaving the village of Mulkan, you set out across the barren snowy landscape following the Warg tracks, which head off in an Easterly direction. The tracks are easy to follow in the freshly fallen snow, but each day you seem to get left further and further behind the fast running Warg.
After a few days a red mountain becomes visible on the horizon to the East. This is Carn Dûm, tip of the most Northern of the Misty Mountains, once proud and mighty capital of Angmar, Kingdom of the Witch King!
And the tracks do indeed lead to the very front gate of Carn Dûm. As you approach around the mountainside you get an excellent view of the ancient fortress. The outer wall seems mainly intact with some evidence of recent repair and three further walls step up the mountainside. The main gates stand slightly open and you are greeted by two watchmen, who look you over carefully. One then steps forward and holding out his hand says in Westron...
  "Alf a silver per man and another 'alf per 'orse. You'll find the Inn up the main street. Don't be goin' in th' ruins 'specially after sundown." 
If asked about bearing arms and armour within the watchman just grins and says,
  "You ain't in sunny Bree now. You just go ahead and do whatever takes yer fancy now. Hur hur."

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