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Fire and Ice
Part II - The Watcher of Carn Dûm

Locations around Carn Dûm

Copyright ©2001 Craig Pay
Edited for The Guild Companion by Joe Mandala, February 2001

The Rangers' ruins

Carn Dûm map
Located outside the Lower Walls, in the ruins 1500' to the South West of the Lower Gate. See 'The Watchful Rangers' NPCs for other encounter locations and stats.
The base for a dozen or so Rangers allied with the Free Peoples, though there are only ever D6 + 3 here at any one time, the others being out scouting or wandering around within the town itself.
Two granite stone buildings stand adjacent to each other and lay well hidden behind a tangle of brush and a large oak tree, requiring a Medium (+0) Perception roll to notice up to 100' away or a Very Hard (-20) Perception roll beyond that. Even up close both buildings look abandoned. A secret path winds through the tall 5' brush and though horses are led along here on a regular basis, the Rangers have made such a good job of covering the tracks that the path requires a Very Hard (-20) Perception roll to be found, reduced to a Medium (+0) Perception roll if a Very Hard (-20) Track roll is made first.
The smaller 40' by 40' window-less building is used to stable the Rangers' few D3 + 1 horses, it has a rough flat sloping roof and a large single hinging wooden door barred from the outside. The larger 50' x 50' building has a single thin window on each of the North, West and Southern walls, shuttered on the inside. The interior is a single great hall, with cloaks and blankets hung to form privacy screens. The roof is pitched and though it looks on the verge of collapse, is structurally sound and completely weatherproof. A series of covered slits run along the length of the roof ridge to allow the Rangers' fairly invisible smoke to drift away unseen on the breeze.
If anyone gets too close to their encampment, D6+1 of the Rangers will confront the trespassers and warn them away, half of them hiding in the bushes bows with drawn and arrows notched. Only Elves or other exceedingly trustworthy souls would be invited in.
The Rangers also keep an eye on who is entering Carn Dûm's Main Gate. If anyone suspicious is noticed a party of D3+1 Rangers will usually set off to town to spy on the new arrival.

Carn Dûm, the town

Until recently Carn Dûm was completely ruined and abandoned, occupied only by the Spirits of the long since dead, a few passing Orc patrols and the occasional Troll gang. The regular appearance of spirits and other undead was so common as to keep away all living creatures, either allied with the Enemy or the Free Peoples alike.
When Camthalion arrived several years ago his first base before exploring the Orc infested fortress was the ruined town and he used his abilities to control the undead to rid most of the town of these malevolent entities.
A thousand years ago Carn Dûm was a thriving town, surrounded by Easterling camps and home to many thousands of townspeople and troops. It is now a pale shadow of it former self. The only occupied buildings run along either side of the main street (see Appendix A - Carn Dûm Town Map), all the other buildings in town are ruined and unoccupied. There are no purely residential dwellings; each occupied building runs some form of trade with the owners living on the premises, usually in a dingy back room.
Ownership of a building in town happens pretty much by occupation. Then a few days later the new occupier gets a visit from one of the Watcher's Guards to inform them of their new tax rate. Such taxes are rather informal and usually assessed based more on what can be afforded than any logical rule.
So, Carn Dûm is still a ghost town, with a few unfortunate occupants. But it is slowly growing in size. Think of a fantasy version of one of those nearly deserted Wild West frontier towns.
Daytime Encounters: Roll once per hour.
D10Daytime Encounters
1-2 D3+1 of the Watcher's Guards, patrolling town and maybe pestering some of the shopkeepers for their monthly 'tax'. Most likely to be either at Temple Inn taking in a 'free' refreshment or leaving the brothel
3-4 D6+1 Farmers, in from 'The Country' wandering around, bartering goods with shops, usually food for tools and metal goods. Most likely to be selling their wares to either Leodulf the Baker (flour or grain) or Rodgar the Butcher (livestock).
5 D3+1 Lossoth, down from 'Up North' bartering wares with shops, usually salted fish for tools and weapons.
6 A Merchant and D3 guards, up from 'Down South' selling wares to any who will buy, and most likely to be selling his wares to Ebric the Storekeeper.
7-8 D6+1 Easterlings, in from 'The Country' or from further East, hanging around town probably bartering horses for tools or more likely weapons. They are also likely to be getting drunk at Temple Inn and generally causing trouble around town.
9-10 Town NPC, choose one of the town's NPCs at random.

Nighttime Encounters: 10% per hour.
D10Night-time Encounters
1-5 D3+1 Guards on a brisk patrol.
6 D6+1 Easterlings, possibly up to no good or maybe just about to pitch a tent in a ruined building.
7 Town NPC, choose one of the town's NPCs at random. Probably in a hurry to get home.
8 Prostitute, one of Freawyn's ladies out touting for business.
9 Victim, unconscious or dead and lying in a pool of their own blood. Could be one of Freawyn's ladies or maybe an innocent Farmer.
10 Possible Undead, roll again on the Middle Ruins nighttime encounters table.

Entry to the town is via the Main Gate - see below.

Dumfa's temple inn

Based in the old Dark Temple, hence the name and run by Dumfa the friendly Dunlending, see NPCs. The only occupied two storey building in town; the upper level has a dozen or so double occupancy rooms and an open landing and staircase a little like a Western style saloon. Downstairs and below the open landing is the lounge area, which contains several tables, an almost permanently lit fire and a long bar. Through a door to the back is the kitchen area and through a second door a large bathing tub which can be booked for an hour at a time.
Sensitive souls with even a trace of Elvish blood staying here stand an increasing chance per night of a bad dream or nightmare. Such dreams typical involve sacrifice of either the dreamer or some other innocent such as a child or young women. Roll an open-ended D100 each night, +25% the second night, +50% the third night and so on. A roll above 100 is a bad dream and anything above 150 is such a severe nightmare as to give the PC -20% to any social interaction, spell casting and resistance rolls the following day.
The prices are rather over the odds at half a silver piece per night but as this is the only Inn in town, visitors have little other choice. However, the price does include lodging for the night in a shared room of only two, a warm bath, an evening meal including beers, breakfast the next morning, stabling for a horse and insurance against theft. Stabling is included in the price and Dumfa has an arrangement with Tolric, the local Farrier to keep visitors horses in his paddock. Dumfa will openly discuss the pricing and explain that the 'insurance' goes straight into the Watcher's coffers, which in fact it does.

'Karl's 'sooths you!'

Located on the main street through Carn Dûm this strange little shop is run by Karl, a giant 6' tall bearded Dunlending who sells sooths for 1sp each. Karl is no charlatan he is actually gifted with 'The Sight'.
If a sooth is purchased make an open-ended D100 roll adding the PC's IT stat bonus. Sooths with a result less than 50 are spurious or even downright untruths. Those above 50 contain some truth though this may be hidden within a riddle or some other mysterious statement. Those sooths with a result above 100 contain a valuable truth of some future event important to that PC.
The actual wording of this sooth is up to the GM. It may well be used as an aid to help the PCs towards a goal in the scenario.
Karl also sells lucky charms in the form of various potions, bundles of herbs and special 'lucky twigs'. All such charms have one use only, using them involves drinking or spilling the potion, throwing the herbs into the air or snapping a twig. Each costs 1sp and adds either +5 to a primary skill, +10 to a secondary skill or +20 to a specific use of a skill, for example a love potion, or an herb for making horses jump higher. Again the choice is up to the GM.
These charms are Karl's main source of income, but he only makes just enough to make staying in Carn Dûm worthwhile. However, he has foreseen a time of greater prosperity, which is why he's staying put.
His residence consists of one big room with a single great door out onto the main street. This room is littered with cushions for seating, tools and various bits and pieces for making up his charms. To the back of the room is a rough fireplace, bed pallet and cooking utensils.

Halgar the smithy

Halgar is the town's weapon smith, armourer and toolmaker. He is a small but stocky chap with the look of someone you'd never trust. The locals joke that his bloodline has some Petty-Dwarf in there somewhere, though few would actually know what a Petty-Dwarf truly is.
His goods are of average to good quality (+0 to +10 non-magical) and at normal prices (x1 to x50). He gets cheap ore from the Warren Orcs and makes an evening trip to the Backdoor every 10 days or so. The Rangers know of these outings and are helping spread occasional rumours in town that he's not to be trusted.

Tolric the farrier

The town's only supplier of horseshoes, Tolric does brisk business with the many Easterlings that pass through town. Buys raw metal from Halgar the Smithy and would like to know where he gets his cheap ore.
Adjacent and behind his building is a large paddock. Tolric has an amicable deal with Dumfa the Innkeeper to stable horses for any of Dumfa's customers' horses while they are staying at the Inn.
He has Light, Medium and Heavy Horses for sale, D3+1 of each type at any one time.

Dernor the handyman

A carpenter, mason and general handyman, Dernor is a quiet and, some would say, rather simple Angmarean man. He is actually a good solid craftsman who takes a determined pride in his work.

Mor the leatherworker

Mor makes and sells everything from boots to armour. He is the archetypal Carn Dûm resident, he has no family and lives here because he has little prospects elsewhere. His home and business is at the furthest point away from the rest of town, due to the terrible smell that drifts out when he is curing leather.

Rosamunda the seamstress

The poor widow Rosamunda and her seven children moved to town after their farmstead was raised to the ground by an Orc raiding party while all the menfolk died defending it. Her eldest child, a young lad called Gundric has just turned 17 and is eager to seek the revenge of his father's and uncles' deaths by getting out of town and hunting down as many Orcs as he can find.
Their abode is split into two large rooms to the front and back of the building. The main door from the street leads into their 'front room' that serves as a living space out of 'shop hours' and becomes 'the shop' during daylight hours. From this room a heavy curtained doorway leads through into a grubby living space that serves as kitchen and sleeping area. At night curtains hung from the rafters serve as privacy screens.

Ebric the storekeeper

Think of the archetypal Wild West general store. Sells anything and everything that's not sold elsewhere in town. Ebric is an elderly gentleman with no immediate family. He's been here longer than anyone else in town and is a good source of general knowledge and rumours.
His building is tidy and one of the best kept in town. A fairly heavy and well-locked front door leads into a large but cramped room full of shelves stacked with anything a shopper could want (even an assortment of various +5 or +10 weapons, arrows and armour at normal prices [x10 for +5 and x50 for +10]). From this room a further heavy door leads to a small hallway with doors off to two bedrooms, a kitchen, storeroom, bathing room and a small dining room.
This place feels empty, like it needs filling with a bustling family. Indeed this is something that Ebric has always wanted but he has never managed to find a partner. He is now looking for an 'heir' to fill his shoes. He's not looking to sell the business, he realises it's not worth that much and he has enough savings to retire on.
Farmers from out of town visit him on a weekly basis to sell him grain or already ground floor. Merchants infrequently visit to sell him herbs, spices and any hardware that cannot be made in town by either Halgar the Smithy or Mor the Leatherworker.

Freawyn's brothel

Freawyn is a big, bold Northwoman. She runs a clean house of D6+1 ladies with strict rules, backed up by her two bouncers.
The Brothel is a frequent haunt of the Watcher's Guards.

Leodulf the baker

Run by Leodulf a tall thin man of mixed Easterling and Angmarean blood. He bakes good quality and well-spiced food. Leodulf regularly buys from Rodgar the Butcher (meat for his pies) and Ebric the Storekeeper (for flour and spices).
Four of the Watchers Guards call in every afternoon for supplies for the Fortress.

Rodgar the butcher

A typical portly town's butcher. Farmers from out of town call in every day or two to sell him their produce, mainly chickens and goat, but some sheep and the odd young bull.

The squatters' shacks

Squatters have claimed these half-ruined buildings. The D3+1 residents per shack change on a weekly basis.

Main gate

Two of the Watcher's Guards stand watch here, opening and closing the gates at sunrise and sunset. They make a charge of half a silver piece per person or horse, some of which actually makes its way into the Watcher's coffers. In the case of emergency they bar the gates and sound the emergency using a horn.

Main wall

The outer Main Wall has had much repair work done and because of this is Very Hard (-20) to Climb. However most people would be allowed entry through the Main Gate so this should be unnecessary.

Lower gate

Two of the Watcher's Guards bar entry through this gate to anyone they've not been told about from the Fortress. This large gate is closed at all times with a smaller in-built personal door opened upon knocking. Only persons with a pre-arranged invite to the Watcher are allowed entry.
Forcing an entry through this gate would not actually be that difficult, the guards have to actually open the door a little to see who is calling. If trouble happens the guards will stand and fight until one goes down then the other will attempt to run for it and sound his horn if possible.

Lower wall

The Lower Wall is in such a state of severe disrepair that it is a Routine (+30) Climb.

Middle gate

Four of the Watcher's Guards bar entry through this gate to anyone they've not been told about from the Fortress. This large gate remains closed at all times and again entry is by pre-arranged invite only. Within this gate is built a smaller personal door with a 'face-hole', which is opened upon knocking.
Forcing entry through this gate is more difficult as the guards can use the face-hole to look over visitors. Conning or bribing the guards might work.

Middle wall

The Middle Wall has had some repair work carried out and as such is a Medium (+0) Climb. However, there are still some sections in disrepair, which can be found with a successful Hard (-10) Perception roll, these sections are an easy Routine (+30) Climb.

Inner gate

As with the Backdoor this entrance has been damaged by seismic activity and is now nothing more than a hole in the ground surrounded by huge chucks of stone rubble. This hole delves 30' down a Hard (-10) Climb until it eventually becomes a rough 5' wide tunnel which meanders to and fro for about 200' in a generally Easterly direction until it straightens out and becomes the West Entrance in the Orc Warrens.
Two of the Watcher's trolls hide just inside the cave entrance. From the outside it looks deserted and anyone approaching from the outside must make a Perception roll versus the Trolls' Stalk/Hide 50 skills to notice them. Conversely if the PCs are sneaking around, the Trolls must roll their Perception 45.
The Trolls have been told to allow entry only to those accompanied by at least two of the guards from the Middle or Lower gates. However, they are rather stupid and their ability to tell the difference between a guard and someone else dressed as one of the guards is rather poor. They could also be bluffed rather easily.

Inner wall

As well repaired as the outer Main Wall making it a Very Hard (-20) Climb.

Haunted middle ruins

The ruined remains of the Main Barracks - roll D100 for each building to reveal how much % of each remains.
Daytime encounters: Mainly guard encounters and the very occasional 'walking dead' victim. 50% chance per hour.
D10Day-time ruins Encounters
1-4 1 Guard on route and not paying attention
5-7 2 Guards on general patrol
8-9 3 Guards searching around
10 1 Lesser Ghoul - initially looks like someone wounded and lying in the shadows calling for help

Nighttime encounters: Frequent encounters mainly with spirits, and other undead. The Orcs and guards keep clear of this spooky and dangerous place at night. Roll once in the first hour and then 50% per hour thereafter.
D10Night-time ruins Encounters
1-3 2 Guards on a very brisk patrol
4-6 1 Lesser Ghost
7-8 D10 Lesser Ghouls
9 D10 Skeletons
10 1 Minor Wight

Undead stats as per p. 152 Angmar sourcebook.

Carn Dûm the fortress

For a description of this area you must use the Angmar sourcebook.

The upper fortress entrance

There is an entrance up the side of the mountain that leads directly into The Hall of the Fell Beasts on High (Location No. 19, Level 5 Angmar sourcebook). However, it requires five rather tricky Sheer Folly (-50) Climb rolls from inside the Middle Wall.

The backdoor

This once impressive entrance has been ruined by numerous seismic events and has now been reduced to a thin vertical cave surrounded by rubble. The cave is guarded by D6+1 Orcs at any time that make little effort to stay hidden from view, though they stick to the shade of the cave entrance during the day. If attacked the rather over-confident Orcs will fight until half of their number are down, then they will suddenly panic and flee either into the Warrens or away from the mountain, whichever presents the easiest route of escape.
The Orcs have no real means of raising the alarm other than at least one of their number running off to find the rest of their tribe within the Warrens, by which time an attacker could have easily gained access to the Fortress. Not many people know about the Backdoor and it is because of this that the Orcs have never had to defend it from any attacker since they've lived here, which is over 100 years. The Watcher is completely unaware of this slack attitude from the Orcs and would be horrified if he knew what potential risk this offers to the security of the Fortress.
The cave is full of Orcish excrement and contains nothing of value; it is approximately 40' tall and 10' wide at the entrance tapering back 50' to a thin 3' wide by 8' tall tunnel at the rear. This tunnel meanders for a further 100' where it then forks in two, the exit to the right straightens out and eventually leads to the East Entrance in the Warrens. The fork to the left ascends and eventually becomes a set of broken stone steps leading to the entrance on Level 1. A Perception roll (Medium +0) reveals that there are many tracks using the right-hand exit but not the left and a further Tracking roll (Medium +0) reveals that these tracks all belong to the Orcs.

The warrens

The lowest Warrens level is controlled by the Orcs.
Encounters: 50% chance per half hour when travelling through this area.
D10Warrens Encounters
1-2 Orc tribal family unit, 2D6 as 'Orc Slaves', 1D6 as 'Orcs' and one 'Boss Orc'. 'Slaves' will not fight unless provoked, will run away if possible or huddle into a corner. The others will all fight to the death to protect their family.
3-4 Single 'Orc Miner' at work, clearing a tunnel of rubble, hunting rats or collecting mushrooms. Will run off if confronted.
5-7 D6+1 Orc Miners at work will confront and attack the PCs. 50% chance of turning and running each time one of them goes down. Last one standing will automatically turn and run when all his comrades are down.
8-9 D3+1 Orc Patrol will confront and attack the PCs. 25% chance of turning and running each time one of them goes down. Last one standing will automatically turn and run when all his comrades are down.
10+ Tough Patrol with D6+1 Orcs and one 'Orc Boss' will confront and attack the PCs. Will stand and fight as long as their Boss stays standing. 50% chance that all will turn and run if their 'Boss' goes down and 25% chance each time one of their comrades goes down after that.

Modifiers: Orcs that manage to run away will warn the others, however as they are not very organised it takes time for word to spread and be taken seriously. For every Orc that escapes from an encounter with the PCs add a +1 to the Encounter table roll above. This represents Patrols being doubled and family units being moved to more hidden areas. Once this gets to +9 the PCs will constantly be able to hear the shouts and screams of the Orcs in the distance, the Warrens are on 'full alert' and every confrontation will be a tough one.
Note that although Orcs can see very well at night, they can only see 10' in the absolute darkness that exists in the caverns of Carn Dûm. Therefore one of their party always carries a lit torch of lantern for the others to see by.

The fortress levels

The Orcs are forbidden from entering any of the Fortress Levels, a rule which most of them obey. Therefore the Fortress Levels are much less busy than the Warrens.
Unless noted otherwise all rooms are empty and unused, with a thick layer of dust on the floor. There is possibly some indication of old decoration and what the room may have been used for all those years ago. It is highly unlikely that the players will find anything of any value as the rooms have been swept clean years ago by previous residents and ignore any references within the Angmar sourcebook to guards being at specific locations.
Finally, if the PCs are spending too much time wandering around feel free to block off various areas with prior cave-ins.
Encounters: 50% per hour when travelling up through Levels 1 through 4. There are no encounters on Level 5, other than the ritual taking place in the Council Chamber.
D10Fortress Room Contents
1-3 Orcish encounter, roll again on the Warrens Encounter table. Although the Orcs shouldn't be on these levels, some can't resist the temptation.
4-5 Possible Undead/Guards, roll on the Middle Ruins Night-time encounter table. Although Camthalion has cleared most of the Fortress of undead, some still exist usually on the lower Fortress Levels.
6 An Interesting Find. Any PC that makes a Sheer Folly (-50) Perception roll notices something strange about a crack in the wall or floor which turns out to contain something of interest. Make a single roll on the MERP Money & Gems Treasure Size table, and then roll on the Normal Relative Richness table. Then make a further roll on the Normal Magic Items Relative Richness table.
7-10 D3+1 Guards, maybe they're avoiding work or maybe they think this room might contain something of value, which is certainly doesn't. They will stand and fight any intruders until only one of their number is standing. This last one will run to try and sound the alarm.

Modifiers: Add the Level No. to the D10 roll on this table. i.e. +4 for Level 4, +2 for Level 2 etc.

Level one

This Level was originally the first line of defence for the Fortress. The three steel portcullises that used to block the central corridor have long since rusted apart. This level is silent and unused. It is a no-mans land between the Orcs' Warrens and the Watcher's Upper Levels. The Orcs know that they shouldn't come here, but rumours are constantly circulating that this Level is empty (True) and full of centuries old treasure (False).

Level two

This level used to house Carn Dûm's craftsmen. None of the fabled treasure or books that used to be housed here still remain. The underground lake and baths are both still intact, though the baths are no longer warm. However, both are now choked with thick green and foul smelling algae, which would make swimming a Hard (-10) and disgusting task. Boats that used to be here rotted away centuries before.
The guards use the Kitchen (3) and Dining Hall (5) areas for eating, as well as the Assembly Hall (14) and adjacent rooms for sleeping. There are D6+1 Guards in this area on the night of the ritual. As the PCs will probably be approaching via the stairway (1) they will have to defeat these guards to pass by. Normally there would be more guards, but the others are either patrolling elsewhere in the Fortress or have sloped off into town to enjoy themselves while their Masters are not looking.

Level three

This level used to hold Carn Dûm's supplies of food, weapons, armour and anything that might be needed in the event of a siege. Camthalion has again used this level for that same purpose, however a cave-in has blocked the corridors (34 and 35) that used to lead to the main storerooms, so the Meeting Hall and Stage (14 and 15) have now been used instead. Stacked along the walls are sacks of grain, barrels full of water or salted meats, bundles of arrows as well as a few rather ordinary broadswords, hatchets, helmets and shields.
Three rooms on this level (26, 27 and 28) are used to hold and torture any captives that are currently being kept. None of the other rooms on this level are used.

Level four

This once well-furnished level used to house Carn Dûm's conjurers. Rooms used to include a fabulous library, magical forges and a harem. All that may have disappeared centuries ago, but Camthalion has had many a craftsman working hard here to restore most of the rooms on this level to a normal clean living environment. All rooms are now clean, though empty.
All members of the Mor-sereg, except Camthalion and Dgûlrog live on this level.
The corridors leading East (37) and South (21, blocked at 15) were blocked off centuries ago by a cave-in too large to ever clear again. Here is a brief description of rooms in use:

  • Foyer (5 and 6). The axanaw vine is long gone, but the fountain in the center of this room has been recently fixed by the Dwarvish Masons.
  • Forges (13). Again the Dwarvish Masons have recently fixed these, though little work has been done with them.
  • Holy Fountains (14). These no longer flow, the Dwarves were unable to mend them.
  • Runes (22 and 23). These deadly Runes were partially scrubbed away years ago and no longer function. Enough of a pattern remains to reveal some indication of a sign, but not it's purpose.
  • Great Hall of the Eye (24). The black marble columns and the depiction of the lidless eye have now been almost completely repaired. This is where Camthalion leads the others to worship his Lord Sauron. The ritual to summon Eloeklo is definitely not to take place in this area, lest Sauron somehow spy on it.
  • Halls and Holy Stores (26, 27 and 28). These areas are as described in the Angmar sourcebook, though only three books exist on the shelves written in Black Speech.
  • Mor-Sereg Quarters (45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 54 and 55). These are the rooms occupied by the seven members of the Mor-Sereg that reside on this level. What used to be the Essence Forge (47) has had the wide entrance blocked in to become a normal doorway. What was once the hidden Treasury (55) has had a hole knocked through to serve as a doorway. These rooms have surprisingly nothing of value. The members of the Mor-sereg take their valuables with them; they do not yet trust the guards not to steal something.
  • Kitchens (51). Behind the Dining Hall are the Kitchens, occupied by three unfortunate slaves brought all the way from Litash who cook for the Mor-sereg. Their loyalty comes from severe religious brainwashing received in Litash and they would never try to escape. If released they would wander around aimlessly, perhaps starving to death or maybe turn to scavenging for the rest of their dark lives.
  • Dining Hall (52). The Mor-sereg and sometimes even Camthalion himself come to eat here. The room is simply set up with a large long table, basic chairs and little else of value.
  • Stores (53). On a regular basis Camthalion has a guard bring up a small selection of the best of the stores from the level below to fill this room. Sometimes he has special orders brought in from town or even further afield, something that the guards quietly complain about.

Level five

Camthalion trusts no one to enter this level without his constant company, so little work has been done here. He had a few slaves clean the place, who were then sacrificed.
This ritual is the first time that the entire Mor-sereg have been allowed on to this level at once, usually only one or two are escorted here by Dgûlrog.
Camthalion eats and sleeps little nowadays, turning more like his wraith-like Master each year. When he does eat he has Dgûlrog bring his food to the Inner Dining Hall (3) where he sits alone in the darkness, the silver lamps that once lit this room having disappeared centuries ago. Again when he infrequently sleeps he does so on a thick pile of animals skins in the Witch King's Hall (21), a room now scattered with the broken stone remnants of the strange fish-like statues that used to fill this room.
The most important room on this level is what used to be the Council Chamber (11). Camthalion had his slaves repaint this room with a huge green lidless eye, surrounded in blood soaked vines.


Over the years many of the traps in Carn Dûm have either fallen into disrepair or been disarmed by a variety of visitors and residents.
Some are even now being repaired by Dwarves in pay of the Watcher (see the 'Dwarvish Masons' NPCs and Event).
Roll D10 for each trap the PCs encounter:
1-2 Warning and roll D6: 1-2 Disarmed or Seized, 3-4 Intermittent, 5-6 Working.
3-4 Dismantled
5-6 Disarmed or Seized
7 Locked
8-9 Intermittent
10+ OK

Modifiers: +0 Warrens and Levels 1, 2 and 5; +1 for Levels 3 and 4

  • Warning: Roll D6, Written in either Orcish (1-2) or Westron (3-4) is the word for trap and a big arrow points straight to the trap. 'Kurth' is the Orcish word for trap. On a 5-6 there is just a symbol such as a skull or maybe just an arrow.
  • Disarmed or Seized: Hidden as usual but no longer works. At the most there is a click or a grinding noise as the mechanism attempts to work. Such a trap could be reactivated with a Disarm Trap roll.
  • Dismantled: Obviously visible, for example a pit trap could just be a hole in the ground and a flame trap exposed piping. No longer works and would take considerable time to repair.
  • Locked: The trap doesn't go off and may remain completely unnoticed. The key is probably long lost, but could be unlocked with a Pick Lock roll equal to the Disarm Trap roll normally required.
  • Intermittent: Hidden as usual but only goes off 25% of the time. Each time the trap would normally go off a Perception roll may reveal a clicking or grinding noise as in Disarmed or Seized above.

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