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Fire and Ice
Part II - The Watcher of Carn Dûm

Carn Dûm town map & key

Copyright ©2001 Craig Pay
Edited for The Guild Companion by Joe Mandala, February 2001

  1. Main Gate
  2. Tolric the Farrier
  3. a Tolric's Paddock
  4. Temple Inn
  5. Karl's 'Sooths You!'
  6. Dernor the Handyman
  7. Halgar the Smithy
  8. Rosamunda the Seamstress
  9. Ebric the Storekeeper
  10. Freawyn's Brothel
  11. Leodulf the Baker
  12. Rodgar the Butcher
  13. Squatters' Shacks
  14. Squatters' Shacks
  15. Squatters' Shacks
  16. Squatters' Shacks
  17. Mor the Leatherworker
  18. To the Middle Gate

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