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Fire and Ice
Part II - The Watcher of Carn Dûm


Copyright ©2001 Craig Pay
Edited for The Guild Companion by Joe Mandala, February 2001

By listening to different people's rumours the PCs get to figure out where Kylmyyskala has taken the palantûr and how they will then get into the fortress.
Some of these rumours are True and others not so. Use them to answer the PCs questions to NPCs, or offer them as hints to either help or hinder. Roll 1-25 (D100 divided by 4) or just pick a rumour to suit a situation.

  1. The Lord of Carn Dûm is called 'The Watcher' and has lived here longer than anyone else. No one knows who the Watcher is. True, nobody in Carn Dûm town knows of the Watcher's true identity. Only Dgûlrog knows of Camthalion's true history.
  2. The Watcher lives in splendid ancient chambers, within and near the top of the mountain that used to be used by the Witch King himself. The walls are painted with gold and he sits on piles of jewels and coin worthy of a dragon's hoard. False, there's not one scrap of cash left.
  3. People only go into the fortress and never come out. Not entirely true, see the 'Bastards!' Event.
  4. Carn Dûm used to be ruined, but people started coming back about fifty years ago. No-one can remembers whether the Watcher came with the first or whether he was already here. Partially True, the Watcher was the first to come here other than the Orcs.
  5. The only way into the fortress is via the Inner Gate and you have to get past all three walls up the mountainside. Not entirely true, there are other ways in. See the 'Wall' and 'Gate' Locations.
  6. The lower parts of the mountain caves are full of Orcs and the Watcher has some sort of deal with them. True.
  7. The lowest level in the mountain is called the Warrens and rightfully so. They say that many have entered and after getting lost have starved to death trying to find their way out. True-ish, the PCs could easily get themselves lost in the Warrens. Which is why they need a map from the Dwarves or to take Pug along with them.
  8. A few days ago a stranger appeared at the Main Gate, a Northern barbarian woman riding a huge white wolf! She was escorted through town and up to the Fortress by some of the Watcher's guards. True, this is Kylmyyskala.
  9. There's some kind of religious ceremony taking place in 3 days time (or 2 days or 1, or that night depending upon which day this rumour heard on). True, see 'The Summoning of Eloeklo!' Event.
  10. Hundreds of years ago there used to be a second entrance to the fortress on the other side of the mountain. Then it was guarded by legions of Orcs. True, this is 'The Backdoor' Location.
  11. Some of Sauron's spies are living in the ruins to the Southwest of town. False, this is the Watchful Rangers. Many in town are suspicious of these folk.
  12. An encampment of Rangers is hiding amongst the ruins Southwest of the town. But don't poke your nose in there; they ruthlessly kill anyone who disturbs them. True and False, there is a Ranger encampment, but only Orcs and bandits get killed on sight. Others are politely escorted away.
  13. The Watcher of Carn Dûm is actually Sauron himself! False, good grief!
  14. The Watcher of Carn Dûm is the Witch King, come back to his ancient ruin! Also False.
  15. The Watcher of Carn Dûm is a powerful ally of either the Witch King or Sauron. True.
  16. The Watcher of Carn Dûm is nothing more than a conman, some petty local warlord who has set himself up as the 'Lord'. Anyone busting in past his lackeys would find easy pickings in the fortress. False.
  17. The dead walk the Middle Ruins at night. True, see the 'Haunted Middle Ruins' Location.
  18. Anyone wishing to get to the Inner Gate would find it easy enough or so I've heard. Firstly, there's an ancient gateway to the North of town through the Lower Wall, which the guards don't know about. Then the Middle Wall is dead easy to climb over. True and False, there is no gateway it was found and blocked up some time ago, but the Middle Wall is easy to climb. See 'The Middle Wall' Location.
  19. High on the mountain is an entrance into the fortress and the climb up there is fairly easy going. True and False. There may be an entrance but the climb is a hard one, see 'The Upper Entrance' Location.
  20. Life may be a little hard up here, but it's about to get much worse down South, there's War brewing again! True.
  21. Don't go trusting Karl the Soothsayer, he's a spy in pay of the 'Watcher'. False.
  22. Karl the Soothsayer has a secret stash of money in that shop of his, how else do you think he manages to feed himself, selling a few naff charms? False, Karl makes just enough to feed himself, he's waiting for things to get better.
  23. Why do you think the Temple Inn is called what it is? Because that's where all the dark sacrifices used to happen! There was this Ranger stayed there once, nearly went mad and had to leave, said it was of bad memories or something? True, see 'The Temple Inn' Location.
  24. It's said by some that Halgar the Smithy is once related to them devious little Petty Dwarves. Maybe True once, but so long ago it's of little importance now.
  25. People say that when Leodulf the Baker gets short on filling he nips along to one of them Shanty Shacks at the end of town, knocks one of them poor souls on the 'ead and pops 'em in a pie! False, far too Sweeny Todd.

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