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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
The General Editor reports on the latest news on the diverse efforts to succeed to ICE's legacy

d20 System

The Elimination of Exclusivity - Nicholas HM Caldwell
A concise rule which allows all characters to learn any skill in the d20 System

Vitality and Wound Points - Bradley D Thompson
Hit points in the d20 System can seem very unrealistic. Here's a solution to make combat more lethal and more real for d20 System campaigns


A Comprehensive Calendar for Middle-Earth - Malcolm Wolter
A complete set of campaign calendars for all Middle-Earth games allowing GMs to keep track of events and chance meetings! In Excel 2000 format.

Press Release

Press Release: Announcing d20 Adventures from Troll Lord Games and Fiend Games - Troll Lord Games and Fiend Games

Press Release: The Deryni Roleplaying Game - Grey Ghost Games


Review: Monster Manual - Aaron Smalley
An in-depth look at the third and final core rulebook for Third Edition Dungeons and Dragons

Review: Star Wars Role-Playing Game - Brent Knorr
A first look at the new incarnation of the Star Wars universe in role-playing form


Heroes of Mythic Greece: 2 - Daniel M Myers
Ten legendary heroes from Greek myth are brought to life. Concise biographies, statistics and equipment are detailed. Usable with MERP and RM2


Encounter Table - City of South Shore - Aaron Smalley
A selection of random events for travellers in this city of Aernth. Usable with any fantasy RPG

Portals Ways - Kerry Drake
Open (and close) the doors in your campaign setting with this brand-new spell list. Usable with RMSS and RMFRP

The World of Aernth - Volume 4 - Aaron Smalley
Return to the magical world of Aernth with a tour of the city of South Shore and the Isle of Stars. Usable with any fantasy RPG

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