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A Comprehensive Calendar for Middle-Earth

Copyright © Malcolm Wolter 2001

Edited by Joe Mandala for The Guild Companion

This is a complete listing of the calendars of Middle-earth in Microsoft Excel workbook format. The calendars include the Shire, King's, Steward's, and New (Fourth Age) Reckonings, as well as the Quenya and Sindarin calendars. Events from the War of the Rings (taken from the appendices of the Return of the King) are included as "comments"

The base year given is 3018, and it should be a fairly simple task to convert any of the calendars to a year appropriate to your campaign. Each calendar is given its own worksheet, and they are cross-referenced. Any comment or event entered onto the Shire Reckoning worksheet will be added to the corresponding date on the other calendars.

This is an extremely useful tool for tracking campaign events, timelines, weather, moon phases, etc. The file (Excel 2000 format) can be downloaded here.

Editor's Note:

There is some question as to the exclusion of the "special days" from the normal progression of weekdays in all calendars except the Shire Reckoning. Since the only real structural change in the lineage of the Calendars came when adopting the Quendi Calendars to the original King's Reckoning (which the Shire Reckoning is based on), the form has been kept consistent throughout, with one exception. The Quendi Calendars are strictly based on a division by 6 or 12, and these "special days" would make this division impossible within the months or weeks if they were added. There are some fairly complicated modifications which are done in a cyclical manner in the Elvish Calendars which are not included here. For further reference, see The Lord of the Rings, Appendix D.

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